Getting around Germany can be a bit tasking especially in Cologne where the traffic hinders almost every move. It is therefore not surprising to see many road users on bicycles trying to get around Cologne on their bikes. The case is particularly different when tourists and visitors are involved. In a bit to catch every grasp of the beautiful city of Cologne, tourists want to move around very fast even as they savor every fun experience the city has to offer. The best and most effective way of achieving this aim is to rent a bike. There are various companies offering rent-a-bike Cologne services but visitors are advised to be careful in making their selection to avoid falling into schemes. Visitors therefore want a bicycle hire Cologne service that is reliable and provides quality service.


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Bicycles to be hired should be of premium quality with great features that allow tourists enjoy every bit of the ride. A good rent-a-bike Cologne service should provide bicycles that are optimized to effectively go through urban traffic. Imagine a bike that comes with big baskets that enables riders carry their hand luggage with them every step of the journey. This means your bicycle hire Cologne gives you an even better service than that rendered by bus tour companies. Tour companies like Colonia Aktiv render premium service to their customer at an incredibly affordable price.

Bikes come in different kinds with several added features depending on the rider. Young customers should such equipment as child’s seats and trailer bikes. And a good bicycle hire Cologne service should possess a fleet of bikes capable of handling different body heights.

When you are in Cologne for business or pleasure, you want to have fun and if possible get a complete tour of the city in the shortest time possible. This simply means you do not want stoppages that could have otherwise being avoided even as we hope to get affordable and quality service. The cost of travelling can be high and if spending more money is something travellers always want to avoid.

The good news about being Cologne is that Colonia Aktiv is there to ensure tourists have a great experience. With quality services rendered at affordable prices, travellers cannot get a better rent-a-bike Cologne service anywhere else.

The company also offers guided tours and sightseeing service to visitors that want to get every feel of the beautiful Cologne. So besides the bicycle hire Cologne service, tourists from all over the world can enjoy sightseeing that comes with great stories about Germany’s oldest major city.

Going around Cologne on a bicycle means you keep fit even as you go around the city. The fact that biking helps to burn calories and shed some fat is no news. This makes it a double offer for bikers. It is effortless exercising at an affordable price that goes with a fun experience.

It does not get better than this and a visit to the company’s Colonia Activ, tells the full story with testimonies coming from customers all around the world. Rent a bike on your next visit to Cologne and do that from a reputable bicycle hire Cologne service company – Colonia Aktiv.



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