Best time to visit Kerala backwaters

There is no end of remarkable places in India. India has all the richness and vibrancy that helps in soothing the mind and soul of the visitors. This country has various mixtures of cultures, traditions, climate and environment. No matter whichever direction you choose to explore you will always get the best experience. However, when it comes to the southern part of India, then Kerala happens to be the first name to cross the mind. This place is also known as “god’s own country” for its richness and beauty. The foods, culture, place and ambience of this place is perfect for soothing the mind and the body.

Best time to visit Kerala backwaters

The best destination for you

If you visit Kerala, then you should surely explore remarkable destinations. This place has some of the best destinations. Whenever you think of the best destinations of Kerala, then you cannot help considering the Backwaters.  Backwaters are the network of lakes, rivers, lagoons and canals that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea. It runs inland on the coast of Kerala from Cochin to Kollam. It covers the distance of 590 kilometers on one side and the Western Ghats on the other side. This place offers outstanding scenic beauty that attracts people from all around the world. The temperature of this place is very pleasing and is moderate.

Best time to visit Kerala backwaters

Now if you want to visit this destination, then you must know the right time to visit. Although this place is considered to be the destination of all time but the best time to visit Kerala backwaters is between the months of October to April. During this time, you can explore the best scenic beauty. At this period, the weather remains very clear, and you can enjoy the aesthetic value to the fullest. Moreover, at this time, the sky remains clear and hence offers best travel experience. If you want to visit this place, then do visit it during this period of the year.

Things you will love to enjoy

Backwaters offer various lovely sites for you. Once you visit this place, you will never feel like returning to the usual cacophony of life. The excellent view of the hills and greenery will make you astonish. Moreover, you can also take the advantage of exploring various historical sites that this place has to offer. You can enjoy the ride of the houseboat to enjoy various aspects of this destination. The experience that this place will give you will always remain memorable and special.

Place you must visit

Although the best time to visit Kerala is considered to be between March to August. However if it is backwaters, then you should choose the time period between October to April. Apart from backwaters, you can also enjoy various other aspects of this destination. No matter whatever the place is, Kerala has best options for you. Apart from these places, you can also enjoy the rich cultural and traditional beauty of this place. Kerala will never give you a chance to be disappointed. If you are thinking of visiting Kerala, then do not forget to visit this destination.



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