Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Yercaud

The literal meaning of Yercaud is Lake in Forest because Yeri signifies Lake and Forest are called in Tamil Kaadu. However, Yercaud is not only a popular hill resort; rather it is such a beautiful place in India where Mother Nature gives her full blessing wholeheartedly.

The commercial and industrial town Salem, Tamil Nadu is the location of this hill station. Due to an existence of a panoramic lake amid to the place, it is termed as Yercaud.

Besides this naming, this hill station has achieved the “Jewel of Shevaroy” title due to embracing of Shevaroy Range. Howbeit, the top 10 tourist places to visit in Yercaud are described below for getting a clear idea about Yercaud sightseeing.

List of Best Places To Visit In Yercaud

Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point, Places to visit in Yercaud

Pagoda Point is a popular tourist spot in Yercaud hill station. This place is also renowned as “Pyramid Point.” According to the history, the Pagoda Point was set up by some tribal coteries by erecting pyramidal structure by assembling four massive stones.

In the center of these stones, there is a temple which the main deity is Rama Deva. The tourists are greeted to visit this spot both morning and evening.

Salem city along with Kaambadi Village can be viewed from this point clearly. A cliff present in this place beckons trekkers, climbers and adventurists delightly.

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake
Image: rednivaram

Yercaud Lake is the main tourist attraction of Yercaud Hill Station. The lake allures millions of travelers throughout the year.

The name Emerald Lake is another term of Yercaud Lake. The loch is eminently captivating, encompassed by gardens and timbers.

Travelers may enjoy rowing and paddle boating for wandering on the pristine blue water. This boating amusement is so fascinating that this activity revitalizes the moods of all travelers.

The Yercaud Lake Authority takes utmost safety measures on this boating activity.

32-km Loop Road

32 km loop road yercaud
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The 32-km Loop Road is mainly a unbend road which extends 32km from Yercaud Lake. Through this road, tourists may arrive into the point of Yercaud’s main agricultural plantation.

It is one of the significant places to visit in Yercaud, as this hill station gives the opportunity to get in a touch of culture, the taste of lifestyle, embosses of the legacy and the assorted evolutions of the Yercaud Hill Station.

This point has kept its request for hundreds of years and consequently, travelers can get in touch of bygone eras essence after stepping in this mind blowing spot.

This Loop Road will satisfy all the tourists with its awe-inspiring views, the flavor of tribal simplicity, the language they use, the foods they consume and an overall way of living.

Shevaroy Temple

Shevaroy Temple Yercaud
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Among various nice places in Yercaud Hill Station Shevaroy or Servaroyan Temple is an beckoning for the tourists of all over the world.

At the peak point of Shevaroy Range this holy shrine is located with incredible actuality and spiritual evidence. Goddess Kaveri is the main deity of this temple and was first constructed by the local ethnic group of Yercaud.

It is truly a peaceful, religious and attractive spot of interest that satisfies at a stroke with its fascinating design of the temple, edged with pious and historical importance. Another most spectacular sight Mettur Dam can be visible clearly from the misty Shevaroy Range.

Montfort School

Montfort School Yercaud
Image: Aruna

Montfort School is such an alma mater that carries the entire maturation of Yercaud Hill Station. This school is an evidence of myriads of histories of this hill resort. With the aphorism “Virtue and Labor” the Montfort Brothers are involved in this venture.

Besides moral education, the teachers teach the aspirants that how to mingle with Indian culture and lifestyle. Since 1917 The Montfort School has been conveying various glorious chapters among these some are witnessed and other some are included directly.

Even this school is mixed up with First and Second World War and some world’s famous personality like Nagesh Kukunoor, Shashi Tharoor etc.

Kiliyur Falls

Kiliyur Falls Yercaud

Kiliyur Falls is an important tourist attraction of Yercaud Hill Station. The distance from the heart of the Yercaud to Kiliyur Falls is only 3km. The extreme beauty of this waterfall can be revealed if the trip is arranged just after completion of monsoon.

A huge amount of water from Yercaud Lake and Shevaroy Hills plunges into the valley of Kiliyur from a height of about 300feet and it makes a spectacular sight to the dime a dozen shutterbugs and ventures loving tourists.

Tourists may reach at this point by passing through the forest and the journey time by car is only one hour to experience this breathtaking beauty of nature.

Lady’s Seat

Lady's Seat Yercaud
Image: Maurya Rohit

Rocks and stones play an important role in Yercaud Hill Station to make this place very attractive. One most beautiful tourist attraction is Yercaud Hill Station is Lady’s Seat.

The significance of this spot can be assumed from British Period. This place offers a natural comfortable seat with the formation of rocks and according to the history this foggy, verdant and rocky area was used for entertainment of British women, living in Yercaud.

This particular rock was utilized as the podium to arrange kitty parties and chit-chats of the bygone era. The mind-blowing sunset is viewed from this awe-inspiring Lady’s Seat in Yercaud Hill Station.

There is a watch tower which is absolutely not-to-miss spot in this hill destination.

Anna Park

Anna Park Yercaud

Among various places to visit in Yercaud   Anna Park is one of these attractions. This park is the abode of plentiful floras and faunas of Shevaroy Hill region.

Besides the Yercaud Lake, this park is giving the pleasure to the travelers with must-see tourist attraction’s features. During winter, local inhabitants to globetrotters come to this panoramic point and make crowd for organizing picnic.

All the rare species of natural plants found in the Eastern Ghats are the assets of Anna Park, Tamil Nadu. The tourists planning for Yercaud Hill Station can select the month of May to witness flower show in Anna Park.

Another attractive feature of this park is Japanese horticulture method which is situated within the premises of vibrant Anna Park.

It is the most significant cause for making crowd of horticulturists, botanist and nature loving tourists.

Deer Park

Deer Park Yercaud
Image: Lassi Kurkijärvi

Deer Park situated in Yercaud Hill Station is really a pleasure for animal and nature lovers. Besides having different species of deer tourists can have picnic arrangement on the lap of nature.

In a delightful environ kids may enjoy various outdoor games such as cricket, badminton, football, basketball, baseball and many more.

The rich verdant playground facilitates to witness the breathtaking view of vales and arresting glamour of Mother Nature. Apart from deer, this park is a safe place for peacocks, swans and hamsters.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Yercaud
Image: ankyuk

Botanical Garden in Yercaud contains an orchidarium alng with a green house. This garden is truly a not-to-miss spot of Yercaud for experiencing myriad kinds of flora and fauna.

Botany aspirants get enough opportunity to collect huge knowledge regarding plants. Kurinji is the special species a flower which is abundantly found in Yercaud region enriches the Botanical Garden. In every twelve years this flower blossoms once and it is the specialty of Kurinji.

Botanical Garden is also known as The National Orchidarium located around the Yercaud or Emerald Lake. Almost 30species of orchids are witnessed in this park. So with all these features, this park becomes a must see spot in Yercaud Hill Station.


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