A Romantic Holiday in Rushikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam – Andhra Pradesh

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Rushikonda Beach | Great Place For Honeymoon

If you want get a sweet touch of warm sands in the sore of a blue sea guarded on the three sides by terraced guidance of lovely hills come to us here in Rushikonda near Vizag following the black snaky road in the wild & peaceful afternoon keeping behind all the dust & pollution along with your all worries & tensions in the city to kiss this blue paradise & consummate your romantic feelings, trigger your away your fantasy bone. You won’t get a better place to spend an exquisite romantic outing with your better half than this place. When in the morning you open your window drapes while sipping on a fuming Black Coffee you’ll experience it’s beauty & delirious young bond with yourself. While walking down the beach you can see the little cottages of the local village drenched with innocence & beauty where you can sense that the history is yet to leave this place- so beautiful yet so rustic. Often you’ll find yourself spending hours watching the fishermen throwing their nets & catching small fishes. The old cemetery & broken villas will remind you that once this little area used to be a Dutch Colony.

Vizag is a small town grown in the past mainly due to its port which gave identification to it’s town, livelihood to it’s people & added wealth to it’s nature. The more people knew this place & started flocking here, the more beautiful it become. Now you may see while you visiting Rushikonda  the big foreign boats, police speedboat, luxury yachts, navigating boat anytime of the year amidst it’s endless “Deep Blue Sea”. The immaculate resort ‘Saipriya’ with its open sky swimming pool will complement your stay. Not only that, you can visit Appughar, Merine Aquarium,Museum in a Submarine, the lovely Vishakhapattanam City & the outskirts like Ramkrishna beach, Dolphinnose, port, Kailashgiri, Bhuda Park, Thotlakonda, Aquarium house, Zoo & Simachalan Temple. Come experience the divine serenity & feast your eyes with beauty of crude nature as soon as you can.

How to reach Rushikonda Beach  : 

Nearest city of Rushikonda is Visakhapatanam. Distance from Visakhapatanam near about 8kms to Rushikonda Beach.

By Rail :  

Rushikonda beach is only about 15 kms from Visakhapatnam Railway Station, which is the main railway station of Visakhapatnam. This Station is well connected with all major indian cities by railways.

By Raod : 

Rushikonda, connects with Visakhapatnam (also known as Vizag) by roadways. Distance from bus stand to this beach nearly 16 kms. Private and Goverment buses are available from here to reach Rushikonda Beach.

By Air : 

Nearest airport of Rushikonda is Visakhapatnam Airport. It is connects with Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai airport.


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