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As a child, we see all living entity with equality. We are born animal lovers! But there were moments when we used to get frightened. Old stories narrated by our mothers at night, often left us shaking like a leaf, with eyes and lips closed firmly! She used to tell that a lion would gobble us, if we did not have food on time or sleep at night? Those days are unforgettable and now seem to be hilarious!

Unlike the olden days, we are no more threatened by man eating animals. Nowadays, we have national parks, zoo and other wildlife sanctuaries that are built to keep wild animals away from humans, and to preserve these endangered species.

One such remarkable national park is the Corbett National Park. If you are an animal enthusiast, a bird lover or a quest freak, then you must visit the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand, to enjoy the view of an indistinguishable jungle experience. Feast your eyes by visiting this place with your family, especially children during this trip. This would be one of the most memorable trip and the young ones for sure will love it!

Corbett National Park is one of the most spectacular wild life reserves that one can spot at Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Tigers, chitals, deers, cobra, wild boar, flying fox and Indian pangolin are to be found here. This reserve is well known to be the refuge of the Bengal Tigers and is a safe haven for close to 488 different species of life.

This sanctuary was established in the year 1936 and was initially known as Hailey National Park. Post independence, it was named as Ramaganga national park. A legendary British hunter, an author, Jim Corbett, was known for hunting many man-eating tigers.  Later, he was extremely concerned about the habitat of tigers. From then onwards, he worked towards conserving wildlife and forests. He played vital role in establishing this reserve (India’s first national park in the Kumaon Hills), and this park was renamed in Corbett’s honor in 1957.

Located at the foothill of the Himalayan belts, it spreads itself to 521 square kilometer. You will find four doorway to this reserve, namely, amdanda gate, durga devi gate, dhangarhi gate and khara gate. It is well maintained and sheltered always. You may go for a safari to Jhirna, densely wooded grassland for watching an array of birds, wild elephants and tigers. In Birjani, you will find an assortment of vegetation and herbivores. And for overnight stay you can go to Dhikala. You will have to book for your stay at the Forest Rest Accommodations very much in advance to enjoy the beauty of this place fully. Summer, monsoon and winter are the best seasons to be here. A trip between March and May, June to September or December to February is considered to be the most excellent time to be here. As an act of prudence, book for your safari well in advance, particularly if your trip falls during the weekends, as there are only close to 60 vehicles allowed inside the Corbett Park at a time. You can get in touch with the respective hotels to book your safari.

So what are you waiting for? Get going and enjoy your expedition in Corbett National Park. Happy journey!


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