Sunderban The Venice of Nature

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Sunderban National Park is one of the most popular wildlife tourist destination in West Bengal. The Sunderban with its thick wilderness and numerous rivers and canals provide shelter for the wild life. Among them Royal Bengal Tiger is world famous, whose ferocious beauty has been a great attraction to the tourists. The aviaries and apiaries, reserve forests for tigers and crocodile projects attract the tourists from far and near. A large number of foreign traveler comes to visit the Sunderband in every year. Also it is very popular tourist destination to local tourists. Sunderban The Venice of Nature is really beautiful tourist destination due to its vast greenery forests and wildlife sanctuaries. Sunderban The Venice of Nature, cover an area of 38,500 sq km. Approximately there are now 200 Royal Bengal Tigers and 30,000 deer in the area of this wildlife sanctuary.


the royal bengal tigersunderbans-tiger, the sunderbans, sunderban national park, sunderban,
The Sunderbans is the largest river delta in the world and also the largest estuarine mangrove forest in the world. The Bengal Tigers have adapted themselves very well to the saline and aqua environs and are extremely good swimmers. As you enter the adventurous wild land of the Sunderbans you’ll be thrilled to see the chital deer and rhesus monkey. The aqua fauna of Sunderbans include a variety of fishes, red fiddler crabs and hermit crabs.There are crocodiles, which can be often seen along the mud banks. Sunderbans National Park is also noted for its conservation of the Ridley Sea Turtle. There is an incredible variety of reptiles also found in Sunderbans, which includes king cobra, rock python and water monitor. The endangered river Terrapin, Batagur baska is found on the Mechua Beach, while the Barking Deer is found only in Holiday Island in Sunderbans.

Attraction of Sunderban

Tiger Reserve

The main tourists attraction of Sunderban is its Royal Bengali Tiger, Tiger Reserve the place where sheltered Royal Bengali Tiger but you should keep away from these place, It is not safe.


Bhagabatpur Crocodile project is the largest estuarine crocodiles in the world. You can enjoy by seeing a large number of crocodiles in only one spot. Approximately, there are 300 estuarine crocodiles.


Netidhopani is known as Netidhopani Watch Tower which is is actually from the legend involving Behula and Lakhindari. Also you may see Tigers, Boars, Deers and beautiful birds from this watch tower. There are a ruins of a 400-year-old temple, which is the another tourist attraction of this place.

Halliday Island

Halliday Island is located on river Matla. This Island is one more environment of the Spotted Deers, Boars, lots of beautiful and colorful birds and Rhesus macaque. Sometimes can also be seen Royal Bengal Tiger.

How to reach Sunderbans

Kolkata nearest city of Sunderban. Its very easy to reach sunderban from kolkata, the distance from kolkata to sunderban near about 110 km.
By Air : Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport(Dumdum Airport) is nearest Airport of Sunderban.
By Rail : Local trains are available form Sealdah South Station to Canning Station, from here you’ll get buses and boat to reach Sunderban.
By Road : Well connected by road to Namkhana, Sonakhali, Canning, Sajnekhali and Najat which are near of Sunderban. Motor boat are available from these places to reach Sunderban.


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