Top 10 Best Resorts in Bangalore for Weekend

Did anyone say weekend? Yes, all heads turn at this word “weekend”. We work and crib, crib and work for 5 days of the week, waiting for the two days relief. Bangalore- the Silicon Valley of India is known for the weekend hangover for brewed beer, long drives and getaways. Here, you don’t need a long weekend to make your way to the beautiful resorts and jungle retreats.

There are various resorts in Bangalore serving the perfect destination for team outings, weekend drives and staycation. Masinagudi and Kabini are one of the favorite destinations for weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Masinagudi is famous for camping and trekking activities attracting travelers and trekkers in and around Bangalore. For those who want to escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, Masinagudi resorts and homestays are the perfect choices to make most of the weekends.

1. Safari Land Resort

Safari Land Resort

The resort is situated in the lap of Mudumalai National Park. This resort is one of the best resorts located in Masinagudi. The resort helps in catering all needs of the tourists, with luxurious rooms and mesmerizing tree houses. It serves as a perfect weekend getaway promising a great experience of wildlife in and around the area. The resort has packages available for trekking, jeep safaris and elephant rides. The treehouse provides an excellent view of the landscape.

2. Casa Deep Woods

Casa Deep Woods Masinagudi

Casa Deep Woods is the Club Mahindra Resort located in Masinagudi. The resort is constructed in the lap of beautiful Nilgiris. The resort is an amazing blend of jungle retreat and modern amenities. There are various leisure activities available at the resort to lure the travelers, such as spa, indoor games, water activities and many more.

3. Jungle Retreat Resort

Jungle Retreat Bangalore

This Masinagudi resort is the perfect example of eco-sustainability. There are customized packages available for tourists, to experience forests and wildlife. There are riverside treks, jungle safari and mountain treks organized as a part of the tourist package. Adventure group such as Thrillophilia organizes different activities such as high rope traversing and trekking for corporate groups and tourists.

4. Inn the Wild

The resort cum homestay is located around 3 km from the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, serving as one of the perfect destinations for weekend enthusiastic. It is one of the eco-friendly resorts for every age group of tourists. The resort provides two types of rooms – Tribal home and Jungle shack for the travelers.

5. Whispering Windows

The serene resort is located in the coconut grove of the forest reserve in the Mudumalai Wildlife Reserve. There are jungle safaris and campfire organized for nature lovers and backpackers. The resort is famous as it helps in accommodating the needs of all age group ranging from couples to kids.

6. Orange County Resort

Orange County Resort is one of the best Kabini resorts with spell-bound ambiance, located on the banks of Kabini river. The construction of the resort is inspired by the tribal villages or Hadis. The resort is situated in the lap of the wilderness of Nagarhole National Park. It offers all the modern amenities to the travelers, along with a refreshing trip to the flora and fauna of the surrounding National Park. There are pool huts and Jacuzzi huts available for the tourists. The resort is famous for its open-hut Jacuzzi and infinity pool. The resort serves as a perfect getaway with Ayurveda village and varied dining options.

7. Kabini River Lodge

Kabini River Lodge is one of the first eco-tourism projects of Jungle Lodges and Resort Limited and Tourism, and Forest Department (Government of Karnataka). The resort is situated at the southern border of Nagarhole National Park. It is located on the backwaters of Kabini River, serving as the perfect weekend getaway resorts in Bangalore. It has 14 rooms constructed in colonial style. The resort can accommodate around 50 tourists at a time, with the modern amenities provided in every room. There are wildlife safaris available for the tourists during their stay at the resort.

8. The Bison Resort

The Bison Resort is located at the confluence of Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park. It has been rated as one of the best Kabini resort. The resort is a perfect blend of old hunting lodges of British era in India and the modern East-African camp. It is the only resort where wildlife and lodging go hand-in-hand, where wild animals dwell around in their natural habitat. There are various tourist packages available at the resort such as trekking, photography lessons, coracle rides, and fishing. The tourist package can also be customized, depending on the tourist schedule and budget.

9. Red Earth Resort

The resort is located on the backwaters of Kabini Dam, amidst the serene atmosphere and tranquillity. The best time to visit the resort is during the month of September to May. There are personalized services offered to the tourists guiding through the natural beauty of the place. Wildlife safaris, fishing trips, coracle rides, cycling, bird watching and visit to the nearby Tibetan monastery are few of the common activities offered by the resort.

10. Waterwoods Lodge Resort

The resort is one of the oldest Kabini resorts located at the Nagarhole National Park. The resort is constructed in colonial style. It is constructed in-between two tiger reserves, and it has the Brahmagiri range at the backdrop. The resort offers outdoor cinemas, tandoor oven facilities and bonfire. It is also equipped with an eco-spiritual library for tourists who love to read.

There are varied options strewn in and around Bangalore to explore the best of nature. Nandi Hills and Horsley Hills are few of the common tourist destinations serving apt for long drives and sunrise cravings. The best part of the weekend in Bangalore is every time you can check out a plan for a new destination.

There are jungle retreats, hill stations and beaches to explore during the weekend. ‘Travel and tell no one’, the proverb fails when you are in Bangalore. Yes, you travel and tell everyone about your experience and enthralling trips. It makes people a bit jealous and increases the craving to feed the traveler dwelling inside.


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