Quick Train Travelling Tips for Disabled People

Trains are preferred by most of the people in India for traveling from one place to another. Earlier, trains were not equipped with many facilities and convenient options. But with time, Indian railways has introduced effective facilities and services keeping passengers’ comfort in mind.

Technology blended with train services shaped the improved and visible online presence of Indian railways. It is by far the best support provided for the passengers. You now don’t need to wait for your number in the queue to check and book a train seat. From checking train availability and train running status to ticket booking, now people can furnish all their needs related to a train journey with ease through online platforms.

Train Travelling Tips

To make sure all the passengers feel comfortable and enjoy a train journey, Indian railways are including better services and facilities with each passing day. When it comes to disabled people, trains are keeping their services’ game on top for them. If you are a disabled person or know someone like that who likes to travel by train, you surely need to know some important tips to stay calm and comfortable when going places via trains.

People with disabilities often feel frightened while travelling on a train especially if they are travelling for the first time. Trains run on a high rate in metros; you can see trains every one hour there. People often travel by trains there and this is why disabled-friendly infrastructure can be seen in trains. But in small towns, people with disabilities are not aware of many facilities already available in trains for them. Let’s look at some tips for a smooth journey.

  • First of all, try to travel on a train that ends at your destination. You won’t be able to change trains in between the journey catching another train. Therefore, don’t get caught in any hassle and book tickets according to your final station.
  • Always arrive early then the departure time. Trains generally depart earlier than the scheduled time. So, be on time so you can manage your luggage and sit on your seat on time.
  • Take help from cookies present on the platforms. They can carry your luggage from one point to another. With their help, you can reach to your seat and comfortably along with placing your luggage in its place. Also, they help wheelchair persons to make their way through the platform crowd.
  • Reach on time to get help from cookies after negotiating about their amount for help.
  • Take advantage of online ticket booking system. You can easily check the running status of a train on online platforms dedicated to book ticketing.
  • Access updated information via online platforms and book tickets early to leave any last minute hassle.

These are some of the informative points for the benefits of disabled people. Take care when going for travelling in trains and take help from cookies whenever you need. Have a happy and safe journey!




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