How to Inspire Your Children to Travel? – 7 Essential Tips

As you know just as well as we do, children have various temperaments, characteristics, and personalities in general.

Some children love to travel, and then some despise leaving their comfort zone of a couch, let alone the weeks of travel. These adorable little souls do not necessarily inherit their parents’ passion for travel due to genetic imprinting.

Inspire Your Children to Travel

If your family loves to travel, it is difficult for you and your spouse and family to envision a child who would not appreciate leaving the house to visit a new, wonderful site and learn about the history, beauty, tradition, and demography of the world.

And if you are going through quite the opposite with children who aren’t fond of traveling, then read this article as we outline how to inspire your children to travel.

How to Inspire Your Children to Travel

●      Teaching Your Kids To Make Memories

It is important that your kids learn how they can make the most of a trip and that there should be one point or thing that will remind them of this beautiful trip you are taking them on.

For example, buy them their favorite Disney princess or Marvel hero backpack and allow them to take it on their trip.

After the trip, whenever they see the backpack again, it will remind them of the trip, which not only creates good trip memories but also encourages them to make new memories by traveling to new places, as one positive experience often leads to another.

Such psychological tricks or hacks work well with children in general.

●    Allow Children To Make Plans

Nothing beats the feeling of realizing that your parents or others have taken your point of view into account. This works well with children who are excited and want to be heard. If you sit with your partner to plan a trip, call up your children or grandchildren and ask what they want on the trip.

Ask them questions regarding where they want to go. If it is about Disneyland or a theme park, ask them what they want to buy, what food they would recommend for lunch or dinner, or what snacks the family should take.

Such involvement will allow your children to feel that you appreciate their presence and encourage them to go on trips more.

●    Go Local Traveling First

Kids will feel even better when they first visit their own country’s sites.

If you live in the city, go for a countryside trip. Go to lakes or perhaps camp as far as possible. You can also look for a camping gift guide to find all the things required for a short camping trip and give them to your kids as presents for their birthdays or other occasions. Then you can have a unique and memorable camping trip together.

Local traveling is always amazing and gives a child a safe feeling knowing that they are still surrounded by people who speak their language and behave the same way.

Imagine taking your child to an unknown country where they have no idea what is happening or what language people speak, which can often be intimidating.

●    Encourage Children To Write Postcards

Postcards have always been integral to traveling outside the locality or the country.

But nevertheless, making it part of the trip will allow your children to feel a sense of happiness. It will make them feel adventurous since they are in a different part of the world and are writing postcards to their family members who are in another country, encouraging them to travel more.

●    Comfort When Traveling

If you have kids whose ages range below, you would know about the terrible twos and how children below the age of five show a lot of tantrums, which are very hard to handle, especially if it is a long, long journey.

And hence, we recommend that you put your children’s comfort as the number one priority on your to-do list, as one bad journey filled with boredom and discomfort will discourage them from traveling ever again.

If you are traveling in an air-conditioned bus or car, bring comfortable clothing and blankets. Make sure that the eggs are okay. Have small pillows so that they can nap properly.

●    Encourage Your Children To Write Travel Journal

Travel journals are one of the best ways to encourage children to travel more.

When children write down the best parts and everything they have experienced in a journal, reminiscence always works to rejuvenate the essence of traveling again after years of looking back at the journal.

It also works in the short run as well. When they have a journal, children always like to travel more to write more and fill up the diary with positive memories, inspiring them to travel more.

●    Inspire Your Children To See Cultural Differences

When your children see various cultural differences and norms and how beautiful they can be, it sometimes stimulates their desire to travel even more.

Imagine living in the suburban areas of the USA and taking your children to Asia with so many colorful events and authentic culture that it is not only mesmerizing but breathtaking. Such cultural differences will encourage your child to travel more.


Overall, traveling is one of the best activities that children should be involved in. We hope that the guidelines we provided above on how to inspire your children to travel will help you and encourage your child to travel in the future.


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