How to Handle Crisis – Things to make sure while travelling

Travelling is one such thing that you love the most, and I guess that’s what brought you here with us. Moving around the world gives us wings and the much desired peace and happiness.Travelling is not another easy task, it needs research, planning, finance and efforts but the fun and pleasure of travelling is worth it. When you go to visit a country, you go through the sites to be visited, you plan the destinations and you book the hotels and other places as per your choice. But what if you happen you encounter something unpredictable. Far away from home there in abroad, there are so many things that can happen unexpectedly and can affect you in one way or the other. There can be so many crisis you may got to deal with in a country you don’t know much about. So how to handle crisis while travelling? What are those crisis? Are they dangerous? How dangerous they are? Just you also need to ensure to you have take right travel agents while making necessary arrangement for your travel to abroad with Agoda Coupons which will surely help you in very budget deals for Hotels as well as your flights, VISA and others services. Lets talk about all these things.

Here we are going to list all major crisis possible while travelling to any country.

The very first thing you got to do to save yourself from any unexpected disaster or to handle all these crisis while travelling is to ensure yourself with a  travel insurance. Yes, a travel insurance is that basic thing which can help you in all your need in a different country. You will unknown to the laws, unaware of the political circumstances, and definitely no one is sure about some natural disasters. In any such case, a travel insurance is going to be your savior. So before you pack your bags, go ahead and get yourself a travel insurance that ensures your safety and convenience. So lets get started with the list of crisis while travelling and how to handle them.

When your luggage gets lost:

Losing your luggage is one thing you don’t want to be happened to you. But in any case it happens with you, you got to inform your airlines where you lost your luggage. You got to inform your embassy and your insurance company. In case you lost something valuable ( not clothes and lotions and some basic things), you must file a report in the nearest Police Station. It is always suggest to keep all your documents, passport and at least a set of dress in your handbag in case of emergency. To avoid such issues ensure that you must go to some good hotels only from reputed brands which can be done via Oyo Rooms Offers for all destination available to book online.

If your lose your passport:

Losing a passport is the last thing you want to happen to you in an unknown country. This is the worst that can happen to you. Its not easy to check-in into any hotel without a passport and definitely not at all possible to get back home. So what should I do if I lose my passport? The first and the very most thing to do is to file a report in the nearest Police Office and then go ahead consult your embassy and the appropriate office of that country to issue another passport. It can be a time consuming process. Once you have filed the report and you have found your passport back, don’t forget to inform the Police again and if you have been issued a new passport, never use the old passport otherwise you may bring yourself into a big trouble.

If you get arrest:

In a country where you are not aware of the laws, there are chances of your being arrest of any crime. But what to do if I get arrested? In such case, you must get in contact with your embassy as the very first thing. They will help you to contact your emergency contacts and not only that, they will also help you to hire a local lawyer who is aware of the laws. The thing to keep in mind is not to lose your cool. Just be calm and cooperate with the cops of the other country. Present all your documentsto the and let them do their duty. If you are not wrong, you will be fine.

If you are robbed:

In case you are robbed in some foreign country, don’t forget to file a report of the robbery. It will not only start your search but an FIR is the very basic document you need to claim the insurance of the things you lost. Next thing to do is to contact your embassy that will help you to get an accommodation and some emergency cash will be provided to you. Rest you have to believe the system of the country. They will surely help you.


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