10 places to travel with your travel partner

While traveling solo can be a life-changing moment that makes you experience local culture and people in a unique way, there are destinations where it is just more fun to go with a travel partner. If you are reading this post and don’t have any travel partner, I suggest having a look at a site called TripGiraffe. This site can help you find a travel partner with whom you will experience the trip of your life.

The following list tells you the best places for your travel partner wanderlust.

1El Camino del Rey, Portugal

Being closed for 14 years and reopening in 2015, El Camino del Rey or „The sidewalk of death“ as is sometimes nicknamed is a great place to experience adventure and adrenaline. This 3 km long ferrate will test allow you to appreciate nature in its purest form. Do not wait too long to visit this place as you never know when it may get closed again.

2Las Vegas, USA

One of the good thing about having a travel partner is never-ending fun. And where you could get more fun in one place than in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Get your partner and hit the roads of the Strip on a night long ride through the bars and casinos. Just be sure to watch each other’s back, not to gamble your next flight tickets

3Prague, The Czech republic

If you have never heard of this lovely city in the heart of Europe, get your partner and hit the road. Walking through the old town, experiencing century-old history is a breathtaking experience that both of you will appreciate. Being in a central location, you can use Prague as a base to exploring other beauties of the country or surrounding Europeans countries. And not to forget, the Czech Republic is a nation of beer. You get famous Czech beer on every corner for just about a dollar or two.

4The Eagle’s Nest, Austria

Being a birthday present to A. Hitler, the former holiday residence has a 360-degree view of the surrounding Alps which will make you want to spread your wings and fly – literally. As of today, the residence is converted into a restaurant. You and your travel partner can enjoy the Austrian specialties with a cup of coffee while indulging in the view. You can also discover many of the rooms and learn about the history of this fantastic place.

5Patong, Thailand

Thailand is a famous backpacking destination where thousands of people go on holiday. Even though Thailand can get crowded, it is worthwhile to visit Phuket and then head to the Patong town. While maybe not being much attractive during the day, at night Patong changes into a party town where everything is allowed, and all wishes can come true. If you want to experience a crazy night with your travel partner, Patong is a place to go.

6Bali, Indonesia

As one of the probably most famous Indonesian islands, Bali is still a place that has a lot to offer. Fantastic beaches, rumbling nightlife or amazing countryside – you and your travel partner can name, and Bali can provide. Rent a motorbike and explore the island on your own as this is the best way to experience the island.

7Yosemite, USA

Ever seen pictures of the El Capitan mountain or the Upper/Lower waterfall in Yosemite national park and just wanted to grab your backpack and go wandering into the wilderness? This is the moment to take your travel partner and a tent and head into the wilderness. You will be surprised how much this national park has to offer.

8Barcelona, Spain

If you and your travel partner have a busy calendar and every holiday day counts, head to Barcelona, coastal city in Spain. This amazing city is rich in sights – famous for the crazy Dali houses, La Sagrada Familia church or its pristine beaches. The town is fantastic for a weekend getaway as it can be explored entirely on foot. Do not forget to try some corona and tapas when you are there.

9Singapore, Singapore

This port city in Asia may seem like a pearl in the sea. You and your partner will be captivated by the modern, clean surroundings and will believe you are in a megacity. Singapore has a lot to offer. From wondering in the Gardens by the Bay, through strolling alongside the path in the port seeing the famous Merlion statue to just spending a day in Sentosa where you can visit the Universal studio or spend a day on the beach.

10Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you or your travel partner are looking for just a chill and fun, head to Amsterdam. Local flat terrain is perfect for cycling alongside the canals, and its famous nightlife will satisfy even the most party-loving travelers.

These are the 10 best places you can go to with your travel partner. No matter where you head out, remember that traveling is about having fun, making new friends and making new memories. Happy traveling!


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