Getting a Singapore Visa for an Indian Is Simpler Than You Thought

Singapore is home to nationals from different countries, and Indians make up a portion of the numerous immigrants. Moreover, Indians are not just immigrants into Singapore, but they also form a significant percentage of the population of the island country—about 9% of the total population. There is even an area called Little India in Singapore, which is to the east of the Singapore River and across China town. The local Tamilians refer to LittleIndia as “Tekka.” As such, Singapore attracts Indians to move there and establish businesses, to visit their relatives, to look after their elders, and even to enjoy its serene holiday destinations. After April 1, 2009,  the visa application for level 1 nations, under which India falls, ceased to be processed on a walk-in basis; instead, it has to be done either through an authorized agent or online via an e-visa application process. Also, the application process has been improved over the years to make it more convenient.


Here are the steps that Indians need to go through toprocess their Singapore visa:

Ensure that Your Passport is Valid

The visa applicant must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months from the date they will return from Singapore.

Buy Your Tickets

After establishing the length of the visit in Singapore, you can buy the return air tickets. You can then make a schedule or itinerary of your journey.

Get Form 14A and Complete it Correctly

You can get a form for the single visa application from the relevant website, or you can obtain it from an authorized visa agent, like One Visa, who are well-experienced visa and immigration agents with a great success record in helping people get visas and in offering immigration advice. The form can also be obtained from any Singapore Overseas Mission for free. You need to completely fill it out and be careful that your signature matches what you have on your passport.

Supporting Documents

If you are seeking a tourist visa, you are required to support the application with a cover letter introducing yourself and the reason for your visit. If you are a taking a business trip, you may require a letter of guarantee (issued by the shipping agent) or a company invitation letter.

Specified Passport Size Photos

You need to provide your two colored, passport-sizedphotos—35mm by 45mm, borderless, not taken more than 3 months before the application date, with your face covering between 25mm and 35mm from your chin to your crown, and with the background being white with a matte or semi-matte-finish. Photographs that do not meet the requirements, such as scanned ones or unclear ones, may be rejected.

Verify Documents

In case your address has changed since obtaining your passport, you need to attach a copy of proof of your current residence. Also, if you are a first-time traveler to Singapore, attach bank statements of the last 3 months from the application date and tax documents from the last 3years.

Submit and Make the Payment

Submit the application form together with the supporting documents and make the necessary processing fee, which has to be done via debit or credit card—either Mastercard or Visa. The application fee is not refunded, no matter the outcome of the application.

Pay Service Charges

You need to pay a service charge to the authorized visa agent who will assist you.

Wait For 2-5 Days

Singaporean visas take one day to be processed, not counting the submission day, and excluding holidays and weekends. Agencies may need about 5 days to complete your visa due to their bulk workload.

Verify Application Status

You will have to sign into the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website and follow the steps to check the application status.

Print Your e-visa

On the same website where you check your status, you can click on ‘Proceed’ to print your e-visa or to obtain it from your agent within 5 days.


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