10 Ways to Save Money While Traveling to India

If you often plan to visit the Taj Mahal of India or want to lose yourself in the forest and mountains of Himachal Pradesh but afraid about the post-vacation condition of bank account, then we have good news for you.

Traveling to India can be a reasonable trip for you. There are many tricks that you can apply during your trip to India to save money.

And in this article, we bring you some tips that will help you visit every nook and corners of India without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are the ten ways to save money while traveling in India.

save money while traveling

Here are the 10 Ways To Save Money While Travelling to India:

A planned and researched trip can make your traveling experience free from any hustle bustle. Most of the places worth visit in India are free like Golden Temple, Mosques, temples, Gateway of India, etc. that let you feel the soul of this country without spending a single penny. Let’s know about the more ways that can be a money saver for you.

Pick your Flight Date in Advance 

To grab the deal of cheap international flights, plan your trip in advance. Immediate planning to visit any other country is not advisable. Advanced planning to visit India will let you crack the available deals for cheap international flights, and that’s how the first step towards your trip to India will be a money saver. Visit multiple sites to book your tickets and book from the one where thriftier flight deals are listed.  

Carry Light Luggage

For an economical trip to India, you should weight your luggage in advance so it could not cross the weight limit. When you plan for the pocket-Visit multiple, then carry only light luggage because you will do shopping from the place you visit as well. So, try not to meet the standard criteria for the weight of luggage and make your luggage than this. It’s not wise to spend money on the fare of your luggage.

Travel During the Low Season

Traveling India during low season will be a money saver deal for you. During low season, you can get some smart deal to stay in good hotels. The peak season to visit India is from around October to March. Somehow, the peak season differs from place to place but still, the time between April and September offer good deals including cheap international flights. And if you don’t mind the rain, then you can even save more to visit India during the monsoon from June to August. It can save your upto 50% of traveling cost. 

Home-Stays and Cheap Hotels

Home-stay is very common in other countries, but it’s comparatively new in India. Homestay during your trip in India can save a goodamount for you. If we talk about the hotels, then you can find them at a reasonable price as well. All you need to do is to adjust in small rooms, which is not difficult at all. In India, you can have a room at a cost starting from INR 500-800 per night. Many hostel chains are also opening in India rapidly. If your travel city has some hostels, then pick that one.

Travel at Nights

To have a money-saving trip to India prefer to travel at Night and sleep during your travel. By doing this, you can save your money of hotel stay.

Mode of Transportation

India is a vast country, traveling cost and when you plan to come here, then you do want to visit all the tourist places in India. To do that, you may need a mode of transportation and your choice of transportation can decide the budget for your trip. We would suggest you travel by trains instead of road or air. The train is a cheap mode of transportation, but it takes time. To cut down the days of your trip, you can choose domestic flights. To get the best deal on a domestic flight, you need to book them in advance, say 5-7 months before your trip.

Street Food

If you are fine with Indian spicy street food then choose this one always. The price of Indian street food is really low, visit multiple and they are mouth-watering.

Don’t Booze

The most effective way to save your moolah is not to drink much. The rules of drinking while traveling is don’t drink the local alcohol and don’t drink it publicly. And if you want to save more money then don’t even look at it.

Don’t Over Tip

In India, it’s really fine to not to give a tip to the waiter at the medium level of hotels. But if you believe that not giving visit multiple is like un-thankfulness then keep your budget in mind while doing it.

Use Free Wi-Fi

Most of the hotels provide free Wi-Fi. You can also get free Wi-Fi on most of the railway stations and restaurants. You can buy the local sim and data pack that is also not much expensive.

Hope, these tips will help you save money while traveling to India. Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below, and we will be glad to answer your queries.


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