How to Plan Tour from Delhi to Agra to Visit Taj Mahal

Your India would not be complete without visiting the magnificent Taj Mahal. Of course, Agra has several other cool places to visit apart from Taj Mahal and the palace, but the Taj remains to be the crowning glory. How would you plan a tour to Agra from Delhi for visiting Taj Mahal? Check out these facts.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal; Photo:

Single Day Tours

If you are in Delhi and want to visit Agra, you can plan a full day visit. Agra is located just around 200 km from Delhi and can be one of the best options for a one day trip. If you think you are pressed for time, you can arrange a full day tour. There are better packages available from many tour operators.

Taj tours from Delhi to Taj Mahal can be planned in several ways. You can opt for a private operator or check out the plans available with them. You may also plan a visit through a train for a budget travelling experience. There are other options like a personalised tour with your own guide and a private vehicle.

Multi-Day Tour Options

If you have enough time on your calendar, you can plan a trip to Agra spanned over a few days. It may be a rewarding experience to complete your Taj tours with a planned golden triangle experience.

Begin with a complete Agra tour and then move on to Jaipur. You can enjoy the Jal Mahal floating on the Man Sagar Lake, go through the astronomical experience of our ancestors at the Jantar Mantar and then move on the beautiful façade at the Hawa Mahal.

The Attractions at the Taj Mahal

If you are on Taj Tours, do note that the Taj is not just a building. There are several other attractions around the Taj Mahal and even inside the building. The majestic site does come with several exciting options.

The first attraction that should attract you is the expansive gardens that surround the magnificent building. You also have access to a beautiful museum inside the complex that provides you with a whole lot of information.

The complex also has a few other additional options worth exploring. Noteworthy among them would be the tomb of Mumtaz’s grandfather, assembly hall and the mosque.

How to Plan your Tour to Taj Mahal?

There are a few precautions and planned itinerary you may need to follow if you really want to make the most of your Taj Tours. Some tips here should be helpful enough.

Make sure you arrive here early. The Taj is always crowded, and if you really want to enjoy the actual serenity that the place is known for, it may be advisable to reach here as early as possible. The Taj opens at 6.00 am and make sure that you are one of the first visitors. Reaching here after 10 am may make it a little stressful.

Now that you are visiting a burial place, it may be quite important to notice that there are several rules you would need to abide by. You cannot shoot photographs when inside the mausoleum. That would make it imperative to take your photos even before you enter. Once you are back from the mausoleum, there would definitely be more tourists.

Make sure you are dressing yourself moderately. Of course, the place does not have a strict dress code, but it would be a good idea to be respectful. Maintain silence inside the mausoleum. Eating inside the protected site is not allowed.

Rely upon a good travel service if you really want to enjoy the best of the experience. is an excellent option from this perspective. The services provided by the travel site are indeed exceptional. If you are outside India and plan to visit the Taj, plan your Taj Tours well in advance through to avoid last minute rush.

TripsPoint arranges full day private Taj Mahal tour from Delhi with an English speaking private guide. The two-day Private Taj Mahal tour lets you enjoy the visit to the Taj at sunrise and sunset. The two-day tour also has other attractions like a visit to Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and local market shopping at Agra.

TripsPoint has the best in class arrangements with the local tour operators and should be able to provide you with an excellent experience. What’s more, with TripsPoint, you can be assured of a reward with every activity you undertake through the travel booking through the site.

Make your Taj Tours memorable with a proper travel plan and take home the sweet memories!



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