Top 15 things to buy in India – Shopping in India

India is known as the seventh heaven for shoppers. You get all items here and all are available at economical prices. Knack of bargaining can be an added advantage to make your bags heavier. You just have to look out and you find really awesome items here, all ranging from the latest gadgets to handmade items to things made at home. The range of products do not limit themselves to the latest accessories available in the global market, you can find items that are peculiar to a particular culture and heritage of that place as well. Amazing, isn’t it! Handmade items are the most popular and easily available items; nevertheless, you will also find products of different states available all across different states of India. You don’t have to get upset because you missed something in a particular state, you can always find ways to get the same at any other point in this country. Patience is the only thing required here, and with good sense of bargain, you can buy in India just for anything from small to big items. There are small bazaars as well where you can go shopping for items for your home, gift items, accessories and all that within your budget. But for any item that is expensive, it is advised to expend your time and money in an authentic shop with an authentic dealer. You get cheap items as well, but of an inferior quality. So you must make sure that you get in touch with a bona fide dealer while shopping for classy or exclusive items. In this article, I would share with you the top 15 things to buy in India.

Being the shopper’s paradise, you’ll not find it too hard to locate places to shop for items. And when you are here, it is for sure that you will end up buying much more than what you had planned for, as everything is amazingly beautiful.

Shopping in India : Top 15 things to buy in India.

#1 Jewellery

It is a well-known fact that Indian outfit ornament saree elegant on its own. You just cannot afford to take off your eyes off them or compare them with any other. Each goes out its way to show that it is unique and the jewelers work is indeed commendable. Each piece shows fine intricate designs and is multi-colored. And just like everything else in this country, you will find it change from one region to another. The capital of gem of India, Rajasthan and Jaipur, display a variety of jewels, and these products are available in Mumbai and Delhi and amazingly in Hollywood too.


The specialism in Jaipur is the availability of valuable stones set and the elegant Mughal-enthusedwork in various colors such as white, green and red. If purchasing semi-treasurable or costly stones, again, it is prudent to either know what you want to or would like to undertake or purchase the same from a trustworthy source. Gold is undoubtedly the most preferred metal always. Usually in India, costume jewelry is prepared from 22 carat gold and traded by heaviness. There are voluminous customary styles offered – gold arm lets being the most wanted and characteristic choice.

#2 Textiles

Well known throughout the world for silk and cotton attire, couch covers and wall decors, India has been one of the most common shopping spots for textile products. Famous for its hand work like beading and other embroidery and needlework, makes these items look really royal. You get a couple of really fine looking cotton wall dangling items in Gujarat called the Emerald Forest that is fabricated for Novica by Meena.

#3 Shoes

One of the best items that offer itself in wide assortment is the shoes here. You get varieties of chappals and pretty simple designed sandals made of Jute and rubber, if you love to dress up purely desi. If you are open to leather products, places in India are not anywhere behind to offer classy items. You also get shoes made of camel skin that are pretty comfortable and soft.

#4 Perfumed products

India, the land of incence, is known for the different flavor of fragrance it offers. You get incense coming in different fragrance types varying from herbs, spices and flowers that have been used since the prehistoric times.

#5 Handmade coir items

India is known for its coir Products. Visit the Venice of the east, Kerala, God’s own country to pick few of the best coir products. Carefully extracted from the husk of coconut, these products are finely designed for home décor. You will certainly find it hard to choose because every item looks equally well designed with a fine finish.

#6 Music

Love music? Then this is the best place for music lovers. Enjoy the collections of sufi, classical, Hindustani, western and just a lot more here. India is the home of Bollywood. Catch up the latest music as well as the golden melodies from here right in its unadulterated form.

#7 Bookworms

Don’t have to feel neglected if you do not enjoy anything except reading. India is an awesome place with an exquisite mixture of writers from across various fields. Catch up with the writings on philosophy, fiction or any other genre of your choice as these are available in abundance here.

#8 Land of Ayurveda

Known for its unique method of treatment, India is well known as the land of herbal treatment. Pick up few of the close to nature medicines that are harmless to your health and helps you cure any ailment within a good period of time. Other commercial brands of natural/herbal products available in the market are Himalaya, Ayur, Shahnaz herbals, Khadi and Biotique. The latest ones are Passion Indulge that offers items like shampoo, aroma oil, body lotions that are completely herbal. Giving the utmost priority to nature and creation, these organizations do not test their products on animals as well.

#9 Fine art and crafts

All through India, traditional crafts worker make attractive blankets, equipment, earthenware, outfit, cloths, cartons, home interior decoration objects — usually with exceptional regional distinctions which you will realize as you journey from place to place in the country. Hand-decorated ornaments box illustrating a delicate designs can be found here.

#10 Tea

One of the favorite drinks to rejuvenate is tea and the same is found in abundance in India. To get the best out of the available, visit Ooty, the Tea garden station of India. You get such wide variety of tea there, that you must have not even heard of. Such fine fragrance, taste and flavor for sure are not available anywhere else!

#11 Perfumes

You get amazingly best sensing perfumes here. You get perfumes with fragrance that instantly soothes you and calms you down. There are those that are simply classy and catch your all faction instantly!

#12 Musical Instruments

You can shop for musical instruments as well. Bansuri or flute, the musical instrument used by the maestro Lord Krishna is available in all the different forms here. Right from Bamboo wood to brass musical instruments with different color variants look extremely attractive. You also get tabla, veena and other traditional musical instruments here. So if you are a music lover with zeal to learn or play any of these instruments, go, get there and grab one of the finest instruments of your choice.

#13 Land of spices

Known for the delicious food items that women of different category, be it mom, sister or wife cooking here, the dishes prepared are mouthwatering and are the same are known for the peculiar blend of spices. Of course, the job that they do is commendable, but worth mentioning is the fresh spice available as well. You get spices of different kinds, hot, bitter, and sweet, that not only possess natural, rejuvenating fragrance but they are good for digestion as well.

#14 Hub of Antiques

Do you have a craze for antique collection? Check this place out for the oldest and best antiques. Really big furniture’s to small accessories and jewels are accessible here. All you need to do is a bit of research prior to buying the same. If you are sure of what you want, it is easy to pick the best stuffs. You will find many shops with such items that are open through the day and there are many small malls with other traditional/regional accessories as well.

#15 Land of divine taste

India is known for food as well. Check out panipooris, chaats and other items that are available in small stalls on the roadside or other major bakeries as well. You will simply fall in love with bhelpuris and other spicy items. If you have a sweet tooth, then kajukatli and rasgullas are for sure going to be your favorite. Non veggies have quite a lot to taste, so better have some space for all that is kept in store for you. Get going to Kerala, to have delicious fish curries, check out Chennai to taste few of the best crab curries, dumbiriyani being available in Hyderabad and lovely chaat items and paranthaes being available in the northern part of India. You will simply not be able to resist any of there. So be prepared to fall in love with Indian cuisines.


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