10 Most Amazing Things to Do in Pune

Pune is the historic avenue of the Great Marathas in India. A prospering, high-spirited metropolis, Pune is one of the top tourist places in India. The city has been referred with a number of names like “Queen of Deccan”, “Oxford and Cambridge of India”, etc. The location and history have provided a beautiful combination to what people know as Pune. Here are the 10 most amazing things you must do whilst in Pune.

Shaniwar Wada
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1. Explore the Diamond Water Park:

This particular amusement and water park in Pune is an amazing place to hand out with kids, family, and friends. The park has about thirty-two water slides, DJ which plays terrific music, rides, body slides, seven huge wave pools etc. The lazy river is a really good choice for those who wish to get all their stress out. There are Family Play Stations, Octopus, Rain dance and wet bubbles, where all age groups can have real fun. The park provides swimming costumes for the visitors. They have an international standard of dining too.

2. Know the history behind Shaniwar Wada:

The historical fort Shaniwar Wada in Pune was the throne of the Peshwas of the Maratha kingdom. A fire from unknown sources broke out in the fort and left the seven-storeyed building in its ruins; though it was reconstructed later in order to preserve the historical value. The main entrance Dilli Darwaza welcomes the tourists inside. The palace halls are built of teak wood, exquisitely decorated with chandeliers, wall paintings depicting ancient Hindu epics and floored with polished marble. The Bollywood movie BajiraoMastani was shot in Shaniwar Wada.

3. An adventurous day with thrilling activities:

Wish to explore the daredevil in you? You can unleash your fearless attitude by trying out adventurous options like wall climbing, bungee jumping, river rafting, rappelling or paragliding. Since located around the mountains, paragliding is a definite thrilling activity to be tried. One can glide and soar like an eagle, enjoying the ecstatic views of the mountains and absorbing the chilled air touching your body, absorbing into the soul.

4. Freedom story of the Aga Khan Palace:

This mighty structure was built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan and is a very valued landmark of India. This palace was donated by him in service of Mahatma Gandhi and his family, his secretary and Sarojini Naidu during national movement. It was here that Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai, Gandhi Ji’s secretary left their mortals. The palace has remarkable Italian arches, a beautiful garden, and halls depicting pictures of freedom fighters.

5. Watch the beautiful colors at the Peacock Bay:

As the name suggests, this place is well-known for the large population of peacocks thriving here. The lake is formed from Khadakwasla dam water, owned by National Defence Academy. The lake is a major site for water training programs, where all sorts of equipment training, boating, skiing, surfing and whaler skills are provided to the cadets. The pleasant scenic beauty of the nearby area and the diverse flora and fauna is breathtaking.

6. A day’s trek to the Lohagad Fort:

Join the adventure trekking trip to the Lohagad fort which is located near Lonavala and experiences the beauty and serenity of the place that hasn’t been tamed much by the human population. Enjoy the nature in its truest form with some of the best and exhilarating sights that can soothe your eyes from the top of this fort. Basically, the fort acts as a division between the Pavna and Indrayani. Take a glimpse of royalty with strong and rigid gates that protect this fort standing high and mighty since Peshwa period.

7. Paragliding adventure at Kamset:

Turn your trip to Pune into a wonderfully thrilling adventure packed journey with a day dedicated to the dream flight with paragliding services in Pune amidst the lofty and soft clouds. Participate in an array of paragliding adventures with expert pilots that instruct you if you are a beginner with no experience. Overcome the fear of being at great heights and watch the world from a bird’s point of view. Choose from an array of paragliding options that include instructional tandem, acro tandem, and classic tandem.

8. Spend time with yourself at Mulshi Lake:

Known for the beautiful encapsulation of nature within the boundaries of Koraigadh, Sahyadri Ranges, and the Dhangad Forts, this lake is an ideal place that acts as a portal for the nature lovers taking them away from the dusty drained roads to a scene so green that you get a sense of peace almost instantly as you enter the area with soft minty breeze touching your cheeks as you sit by the water. You can see the visitors clicking pictures by the lake and making unforgettable memories as evening approaches and one can clearly hear the crickets by the water, a sound rarely heard amidst the traffic noises in the city.

9. Scour for trends at Fashion Street:

If you are looking for markets in Pune to add new trends to your existing closet, make sure you run along to the Fashion Street and choose things that you never knew existed in the fashion market. Whether you want to flaunt that gothic look or a traditional approach for the upcoming festive season, Fashion Street lets you get drenched in fashion-forward accessories at reasonable price tags.

10. Find your inner peace at Osho Ashram:

Tired of adhering to the deadlines and working all week long? Try the Osho Ashram and find the true meaning of life. The amazing aura of this ashram automatically induces a feeling of complete bliss. A creative creation by Bhagwan Rajneesh, this ashram offers several courses such as Osho Dynamic Reflection, Osho Nataraj Contemplation, Osho Kundalini Reflection, and Osho Nadabrahma Contemplation. The courses are affordably chargeable and worth the trip if you seek a serene experience and an extraordinary trip to the world next door.

So whether it’s shopping, adventure run, or simply a day away from the workload at the office, plan a trip to this beautiful city that amalgamates the peace of suburbs with nature as a lovely accessory to the luxury of this place. To know more about Pune and other destinations around the globe, do visit Nerd’s Travel.



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