Rent treehouses for your next holiday

From the age of childhood, living in a treehouse is the fantasy of millions of young boys and girls. There’s something mystical about escaping into the canopy and upper branches of a giant tree. Escaping into a wooden-built home, high above the ground into a make-believe type of world is something we dreamed about, either in a daydream or in our sleep. Remember the days…


Luckily, the days of dreaming can become a reality, as you can now rent treehouses for your next holiday. Live out your fantasies and book a stay in a wooden escape high in the trees, from locations throughout the world. To get an idea about the options, have a look at

Your private tree house

With a combination of off-the-grid living and a unique experience that you will not find when staying in a ground-level hotel, a stay in a treehouse will get you as close to nature as humanly possible. Perched high into the trees, the houses are far from being like the backyard tree forts that you may have built, or dreamt about building in your youth. From single room to multi-level homes, there is something for everyone. Just imagine the views from above the ground in the morning, and think about the return to the simple life that you and your guests can experience during your stay. It’s somewhere between renting a cabin in the middle of the woods with a traditional camping experience.

Nature is your only neighbor

Unlike traditional camping, treehouses are equipped with working toilets, hot water, and the comfort of staying in a nice hotel. Learn what it’s like to have nature as your neighbors, and learn to love the simple way of life that you can experience from the tree. You will discover true tranquility and the beauty of nature, and how pleasant things can be without the intrusion of noise pollution, and some of the frustrations and complications that come along with holiday trips.

Live your dream in a treehouse

From Oceania to Asia, and Europe to Africa, there is a treehouse waiting for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to get out there and live in your dreams. Let out the childhood desires that still stir up inside of you and book a treehouse for an extended stay. Escape the norm and try out something new. Whether you are booking a holiday for a special occasion, like an anniversary or honeymoon, or a family holiday for you and your children, you will enjoy the life that can be had when staying above the earth. With amenities that will keep your stay hassle-fee, and the rustic charm of a regular cabin, you can have a memorable stay that you will never forget. If you are ready to enjoy a trip of a lifetime, and are ready to see what it’s like have birds as your neighbors, book your stay through.

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