Top 10 things to do in Goa

Welcome to Goa- the land of celebration. Though Goa is the smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population, it does not fall in short of any kind of enjoyment. The scenic beauty of this place will sweep you off your feet. This is one of the best places you can visit with friends or family alike to unwind and get a thrill out of you. Have a whale of a time, walk bare feet, feel the nature, feel the sand beneath your feet, sense the oneness and love flowing through and connect to nature, connect to your inner self! Goa is a place of fun, you can enjoy here by doing many interesting things. Here are top 10 things to do in Goa.

Top 10 things to do in Goa

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Uncover boundless surprises that the paradise on earth has for you. If you are a foodie, then this place will certainly keep you tempting throughout your stay. You can gain the details of literary days of yore of the Portuguese times. Explore the unfamiliar and unexplored part of your life, explore Goa!

Rekindle the serenity within you, pamper and revitalize yourself in Goa!

Top 10 Things to do in Goa

1. Love nature? Try and get closer…

Do you love to see kids play carefree in water? Well, you too can now revive the concealed child in yourself and play carefree. Get yourself discover the adventure sports this place has to offer. Wind surfing, jet skiing, parasailing are the most thrilling and once in a life time experience, that is worth exploring. Get set for catching up with many more different kind of surfing you haven’t heard of. Get into banana boating and have fun. Take a ride on dolphin cruises; give a feast to your eyes. Want to explore the deep blue world full of marvelous and diverse life forms? Then get set for scuba diving. Do take out some time to watch the miraculous creation of the divine!

Check out the assorted animal kingdom present here. Flying foxes, bats, monkeys, langurs, barking deer, wild dogs, and mongoose are just a part of the 50 diverse species in Goa. This paradise, known for being the largest refuge for reptiles and amphibian population, is indeed incredible! You get to see many types of lizards, snakes (both poisonous and non-poisonous) like king cobra and golden tree snake. In the month of October to December, you can find fresh water turtles like the Olive Ridley lay eggs on the shore. Amazing creations, isn’t it!

An enthusiastic bird lover will certainly not have enough of exploring here. The inland fresh water bodies like Pilar Lake, Batim Lake and so forth attract diverse species of birds like migratory duck, wagtails and patient kingfishers. An eye on the fruiting tree for sure will help you get few cool clicks!

Go on a sunset, sundown or dinner cruise, try out Santa Monica. Enjoy the regional dance by local members of this place. Have a big belly to taste the palatable food stuffs, go ahead!

2. Place for night lovers

Life in this place begins at night. Songs, music, dance, excitement and oneness fills life to this place as the sun sets, asif to take rest. Visit the ArjunaBeach, or Arambol in the evening to get yourself some real good time with music and dance around.

Get into a casino, if you haven’t ever been in one before, to check out the pulsating nightlife. Goa is the hub of few of the most famous casinos. The tourism industry of Goa endorses casinos here, which offer a wide variation of entertainment.

3. Does ethnography interest you? 

Then you’ve landed at the right place. The tradition, culture, customs and habits of Goa have been passed on through generations, with no flaws or modifications. And they are exceedingly beautiful that attract tourist and locals alike. You get to see the age old wisdom existing here in every nook and corner of Goa Chitra. You can find a total of close to 4000 artifacts here. The museum is made of wood, stone, and railings that were recovered from traditional houses that outnumbered 300 homes that were devastated.This exhibits the vast information of their habits and culture and is very informative.

4. Go shopping!

Goa is famous for local markets and markets. Check out Ingo Saturday’s night bazaar for window shopping and for other items like ethnic wear, jewels, and other craft items that are local to this place. This spot is famous for tourism. Anjuna flea market installed on Wednesdays is another famous spot for shopping. Other than this, there are other kirana stores and small local shops near the beach where you can get the best if you bargain!

The handicrafts in Goa speak volumes about its culture. The remarkable terracotta and brass articles from Bicholim shows their love for simplicity and creativity. You will find objects made from attractive sea shells extending from chandeliers to marvelously designed mirrors to idols and are a lot much in demand.

Art forms with bamboo craft, woodcarving and seashell crafts majority here. Colorful masks, wooden puppets, unique shopping bags and counter mats knitted from banana, pineapple or coconutfibre are also found in every small local shop here. And they look exceptionally attractive.

5. Close to nature

Take a bike and go in the interiors of Goa to find a life beyond the beaches. You will find greenery all around speaking volumes about the pain and pleasure of the life forms there. Get there to get closer to nature. Regenerate the lost childhood and memorable days by losing yourself in the memory lane of the past. Give your eyes a feast and your mind some peace. There are small cottages and vast paddy fields that looks like a green carpet laid by the creator for His creation. Step bare foot on the land and feel the chill under your feet, feel nature close to you!

6. Religious monuments

India, the land of devotion and religious monuments does not leave Goa behind in this aspect. A carefree walk on roads will lead you to churches that are quiet famous around the globe. Find the magnificent churches built during the colonial times. It will certainly engrave the memories of the past in you. The remarkable architectural work in Basilica of Bom Jesus is beyond expression. Any inscription will fall in short when written to express its serenity. A visit to Se de Santa Catarina will take you down the roads of historical expertise. The work truly speaks volumes of the expertise of the architects of that age.

7. Do you have a large heart and a larger appetite? 

The mouthwatering cuisines here will leave you wanting more and more. Captured by the wonderful aroma from a distance, many walk to different small hotels and big restaurants to relish the delicious food items. Food without fish is totally incomplete here. Most Goans prefer to have rice and fish curry-which is also the staple dish of this place. The cuisines here are highly influenced by the Portuguese style from the ancient times to the spiciest items used in the modern age. And this makes it uniquely remarkable!

Slip variety of shellfish like crab, tiger prawns, mussels, and lobsters down your throat, relishing each and every bit. You will also get to taste different kind of fish curries that will leave your mouth watering for more! People with sweet tooth need not get disappointed, as this place leaves no stone unturned to attend to their needs. Cashew ladoos, Khaje, Payasa are few of the delicious sweet items that make your day after a meal. So don’t miss a chance to pamper your tummy!

8. Love to keep your foot busy? 

Take this as an opportunity to get closer to your beloved partner. Dancing in Goa is not just about few steps, but each step of dance is a symbol of perfect dancer here. Learn a couple of steps; get yourself in few of the Goa balls and wedding ceremonies to learn it quicker. Every step is a dance, every rhythm a song and every night a mood of festive here!

9. Water- floating

Get yourself stay in a one bedroom tent floating in water, right in Goa! Go to Bicholimto find Mayem Lake.Trychecking into the Champions Yacht club at GTDC Residency here. Pamper yourself, laze around or take a shikara ride or a bumper boat ride once you checkin into the floating tents. Explore the floating restaurant during the boat ride. What much more fun and romance can you expect when you get loads in this form!

10. Share happiness!

Love helping others? Do you fell overjoyed seeing others happy? Then extend a helping hand to those in need. Volunteer with any NGO for a week or a month and work closely with the creation- be it humans or animals. The sense of satisfaction you obtain by sharing, caring and loving the other fellow being is truly a lifetime achievement.

Hope, You liked these 10 things to do in Goa! So, Why you’re waiting for a trip to Goa? Plan a trip and Pack your bags for Goa holiday trip.



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