Top 10 Road Trips in India

India has been the Mecca of road trip lovers and hitch-hikers throughout the world. With all kinds of terrains, innumerable means of transport and the unpredictable weather. Indeed, India has been the haven of people who love adventurous road trips. To start with a road trip plan, you should start with discussing road trip ideas for the perfect destination. You can discuss this with some professional road trip planners as well. After you have a destination in mind, go ahead and buy a road map or talk to a driving route planner. Chalk out the complete tour plan and make it clear to everyone who is travelling with you. But, out of all the steps, the most challenging one is selection of the road trip destination. It depends a lot on people you are travelling with and if you make a wrong decision, you will regret it for quite some time. Here are some of the best road trips in India are as follows :

best road trip in india

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1. Delhi to Manali

This is one of the best road trips in India. When you enter Himachal Pradesh, the mighty Himalayas welcome you with open arms and embrace you with its scenic beauty and the comfortable cold weather. There are a lot of restaurants and dhabas on the way offering some of the best delicacies of north. If you want to finish this trip in one day, then it is suggested that you leave as early as possible, latest by 5 in the morning. It is a 12 hour drive.

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2. Guwahati to Tawang

Firstly, realize this, that entering Tawang requires Inner Line Permit. The drive is a 10-11 hour hectic tourney. The roads are in a very bad state. Bus journeys are preferred for this road trip rather than car. This is a favorite among adventure tourists who often take to bikes and SUVs.

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3. Dehradun to Nainital

A 6 hour journey by car and a 10 hour journey by bus, this is the another favorite road trips in India. There are a lot of buses connecting the two cities. If you have some money to spare, you can also rent a cab for this road trip. Many prefer trains for this trip because they are quicker and cheaper

4. Jaipur to Ranthambore

This is one of the shorter road trips but the good roads are a treat for road trippers. Except for a bad patch of about 25 kilometers, the rest of the journey through the Jaipur Kota highway is very good. Another route can be taken which is through Dausa but let me warn you that the roads in this route are in a very bad shape. It is a 3-5 hour journey.

5. Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa by road is a 10 hour drive with the roads of the route through Pune being in excellent conditions. If you are looking for a night’s halt, you can come through the Ratnagiri route and take your halt at a beach side resort of Ganpatipule.

6. Pune to Dedwana

This is one long journey through three states. Located at a distance of almost 1500 Kilometers, this road trip is a favorite among bikers. The clean two lane roads greet the road trippers with a welcoming warmth.

7. Chandigarh to Mana

This journey from Chandigarh to Mana, a small village on the China border, is considered to be one of the best if you like scenic beauties. The grasslands and the hills blend in to give you a picturesque journey. There a lot of places to see and halt too.

8. Bangalore to Calicut

Almost a 10 hour journey, the roads between these two cities are pretty good but they are filled with twists and turns. The journey is quite fast and you may reach Mysore within a couple of hours. You can schedule a small halt there if you want.

9. Shillong to Cherrapunjee

This amazing journey treats the road trippers with breath taking views and scenic beauty. You can take a small halt near Cherra bridge. This is a bit out of the box choice, but nevertheless, as good as any other road trips in the list.

10. Manali to Leh

The Himalayan feature are as beautiful as challenging. This journey is around 500 kilometers and proves to be a test of endurance for some. But, there are a lot of beautiful villages on the way and the highway is just spectacular. This is a must go for all the adventurers and bikers.

So, go ahead and plan a memorable road trips in India on the next Indian holiday because you just cannot miss India..truly incredible India…


  1. Excellent road trips for those wishing to do it. Manali to Leh is a good one and is a very scenic route to take. Shillong to Cherrapunjee should also be a good one.

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