Mumbai To Goa By Road

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Image by : Khalil Sawant

A joyful experience, Mumbai to Goa road trip

Are you in love with road travelling? Oh! Nice idea. It will be a delightful road trip. Do you go on frequent bike tours with friends? Do you go on long drives with your loved ones? Are you planning a road trip with your lover? Then, let me tell you that there is nothing like travelling from Mumbai to Goa by road.  It is one of the best road trips you can go on in this country. The beauty that Dil Chahta Hai shows on their journey from Mumbai to Goa in car is not far from reality. With a 600 kilometers Mumbai to Goa distance by road, it takes approximately ten hours to travel between the two locations. One can be a lucky witness of the natural beauty of Western Ghats if one travels by road from Mumbai to Goa. This journey has featured on one of the most chosen options of the road trip planners across the country. Almost every car or bike owner of Mumbai has experienced this beautiful journey.
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Photo by : Elroy Serrao

If you are unsure about the routes, you can always get driving directions by GPS or Maps. You can also get the drive directions by asking people on the way. There are two major routes connecting Mumbai and Goa as follows:

The Pune Kolhapur route

This is the best route for Mumbai to Goa for people with motion sickness. It’s a straight and unwinding four lane road. But the only con of this road being that it’s swarming with toll booths. It may cost you around 700 bucks to pay the tolls.

The Bombay Goa highway via Ratnagiri

This route has ample amount of scenic beauty. You can also have a beach side halt at Ganpatipule. People say the beach resembles those of Maldives. But, let me warn you that it’s a very winding road. So if you have motion sickness, this would be a wrong option to go for.

Whatever route you go for, this journey would be etched in your mind for years to come. Weigh your pros and cons and choose the route that suits you the best. Considering the distance between Mumbai and Goa, the fuel would cost you around three thousand bucks. People travelling under budget can also experience this beautiful journey at low cost if you travel in buses. There are a lot of luxury buses travelling from Mumbai to Goa. If you are not going for this journey because of nature but just because you are tired of trains, then you can also go for the night buses which often offer sleeping coach facilities. The night buses usually leave at 9 from Mumbai and by the next morning, you are in Goa.

This journey is also a favorite among the young bikers of Mumbai. The Mumbai Pune Expressway is the road which they enjoy the most. If you are travelling in a four wheeler, this journey is an extra-ordinary beauty in monsoons. The greenery of Konkan country side, the smell of the muddy earth and the monsoon breeze gushing past your car make this ride a really memorable one. This is a road journey of life time and each Indian must experience this at least once in life. So, go ahead and plan a road trip!


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