Family Holidays to Goa

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Goa is an Indian state which draws in around 400,000 foreign visitors each year. Despite it’s population being a diverse mix of mostly Hindus and Catholics, Goa is regarded as one of the most peaceful states in India, and rarely suffers from violence. The warm and dry climate, along with it’s beautiful scenery and vast array of all inclusive holidays makes Goa a popular destination with families looking for a relaxing and leisurely getaway.


All Inclusive Holidays

All inclusive holidays are exactly what they say on the tin; a holiday where everything you could possibly need is included in the price you pay before you set off. This usually includes flights, accommodation, all meals and drinks. Sometimes transfers between your hotel and airport will be included, as well as extras such as water sports or spa treatments. All inclusive holidays are a fantastic option for families for a multitude of reasons. First of all, the ease of paying for everything before you even begin your journey makes for a more peaceful holiday. You don’t need to worry about sitting around in a restaurant waiting for the bill to arrive, and you don’t need to worry about always having cash on hand to pay for ice creams or drinks around the pool. Paying for everything beforehand also eases any financial worries you may have. It will be impossible for holiday spending to get out of hand, because all of your meals are taken care of, leaving you able to budget much more effectively.

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A Taste of Goa

Goa cuisine relies heavily on aromatic spices and seafood. You will likely see menus offering fish curries or spicy casseroles, which are a great local treat. If you are a family with children who may be slightly fussy about foreign cuisine, all inclusive meals solve the problem of them ordering something from the menu and then being unable to eat it. At an all inclusive buffet, your children can return and fill their plate as often as they like until they find something which suits their taste; all without you incurring any extra cost.


Beach Heaven

One of the big draws to Goa is it’s vast amount of pristine beaches, varying from the more tranquil stretches of sand to bustling party beaches. For a water sports hotspot, visit Baga beach. Here you’ll find a variety of options to have a day of fun in the ocean, from jet skis to water skiing. Alternatively, to spend a day topping up your tan while relaxing with a good book, seek out the Agonda or Patnem beaches. These spots are as beautiful as they are secluded, and offer the ultimate in tropical relaxation. Take the opportunity to unwind in Goa and let all of your stress and worry dissolve to the backdrop of breath-taking scenery. Goa’s beaches are a true paradise offering something for all of the family. Adventurers can check out the latest deals to Goa via online Travel Agents such as Directline Holidays.



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