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Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra and the largest city of this country. From various perspectives Mumbai is blessed with distinctive features. Instead of capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai has achieved a unique attribute as Economical Capital of the India. The famous Hollywood industry has crowned with glory our country and brought to the levee of the world. Travel enthusiasts from different country get attracted to experience optically all these evidence. Among varieties of sightseeing, tourist spots and worth seeing The Gateway of India is one of the most important points of interest to Indian tourists and foreigners.

Gateway of India
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Location of Gateway of India

All travel lovers should know about the city before booking their tour ticket. It is always attractive and appealing for the tripper to plan western part of India. This may because the mesmerizing and exotic oceanic views of Arabian Sea or may be due to numerous rejuvenating and fun filled activities of western lifestyles. Every corner of the Mumbai is overflowed with exciting events and attractions.

Geographically this town is divided into seven significant portions like South Mumbai, South Central Mumbai, North Central, Western Suburbs, Central Suburbs, Northwest and Harbor Suburbs. The Gateway of India is gravestone of South Mumbai which is carrying age old heritage of Hindu and Muslim virtue.

History of Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is a great instance of British rule in India. 1924 was the year when this colossal bold basalt arch was completed and constructed openly at Apollo Bunder, a popular meeting point. But the initiative behind this architectural construction was long period ago. The Governor of Bombay Sir George Syndenham Clarke first laid down the foundation of this colossal monument in 1911 in the month of March.

Gateway of India in mumbai

But it took 3years to be approved and Apollo Bunder reclaimed in 1919. So, already 8years had passed to construct. Then the specialized architect George Wittet of bygone age got the opportunity to erect the famous tombstone. The commemoration of the first visit of King George V and Queen Marry in Bombay was the purpose to contrive this intricate structure. The couple visited Bombay before making Darbar in Delhi in 1911.

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Architectural Background

mumbai gateway of india

The constructional design of this gigantic Gateway of India is amounted to a huge arch, with 26m height. Innumerable amount of yellow basalt and resilient concrete were used to form the immense structure. The contemporary Indo-Saracenic architectural style was implemented in the structural plan of Gateway of India with 21 lakhs. This design is influenced by Gujarat art of that time. Every nook and corner of this glorious edifice there are splendid Muslim labyrinthine latticeworks. A 48feet broad captivating dome at the central part of this structure allures a dime a dozen of shutterbugs’ attraction.

This magnificent dome is 83feet long in height. 4 turrets at four corners are the most alluring features of the Gateway of India which has made the edifice more charming. All tourists can touch the water of Arabian Sea by using several flights of steps which are behind the arch of the gate. From this place visitors may witness a wide range of blue carpet right ahead, receiving and sending off commercial vessels and voyages.

Why You Should to Visit

It is needless to say that The Gateway of India is one of the most visited tourist spots in India. So it is quite obvious that travel enthusiasts will add this prominent and interesting place to their tour list. But due to several reasons The Gateway of India becomes more popular place of interest. First of all, this monument faces the big-bodied blue Arabian Sea which is the natural beauty of Mumbai tourism.

Another well liked Marine Drive, The Parallel Road with Sea Beach Beckons the globetrotters which can be witnessed from the colossal edifice of this monument. At night the beauty of this majestic monument becomes just ineffable. The pristine eminence averse to the backdrop of oceanic shade creates a dreamy ambience in front of The Gateway of India. Besides travelers across the globe inhabitants of Mumbai love to select this particular spot for spending lots of time with modern and historical atmosphere.


Hotel Taj Mumbai
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One tourist spot becomes more popular when it offers something more instead of historical value, gracefulness, cultural background and any more. From this angle, The Gateway of India belongs in such a prominent area from where The World Heritage Site The Elephanta Caves are easily accessible.

These famous caves are the perfect sculptural combination of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. So on the arm of Arabian Sea, these old rocks cut caves are undoubtedly desirable to every sightseer. The Gateway of India offers motor boat facility for tourists to reach Elephanta Islands or Gharapuri. The most prestigious hotel in India “Taj Mahal Palace” Hotel is very nearer to this historical building.

Timing for Tourists

Travel makes the travelers free from confinement. So It’s gives the opportunity to the tourists to experience the loveliness of this gravestone without any timing. All tourists can come any time at their convenience. Still November to March is the peak season to fill up the courtyard of this historical building. During this time pleasant breeze from Arabian Sea enchants the tourists to engage hours after hours on that place. It should also be described that during this season the risk of downpours is less.

However, The Several Sun Kissed city Mumbai is undoubtedly a well-desired travel place for its neon buzzing chambers to invitation of tropical sea along with history and culture. The Gateway of India is the perfect junction of all these. Though this place enriches the travelers’ wish, on the other hand, numerous vendors can deal with their items for the means of subsistence. From children to oldies- tourists of all ages prefer the place from the core of their heart. In a single word The Gateway of India is a place of full of glory and prosperity.

Image Gallary

See some beautiful images or photos of this great monument.

Mumbai Gateway
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Gateway of India, Mumbai
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gateway in India
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