Top 10 places to visit in Mumbai

When one thinks of Mumbai, the first that comes to mind is the population. It beats all other metropolitan cities in India and stands strong, stands to be the second most populated here. Being the capital of India, it is the place most looked upon for hunting for any kind of occupation. Amchi Mumbai is also well known throughout the world as it is the fifth most densely inhabited city in the world.  Known as the home and heart of Bollywood, it is also well established and recognized as the commercial and money-making capital of India. Being pretty crowded, with a vast area, it’s not easy to navigate to different places, exploring every single thing this place has to offer its visitor. However, it is worth taking out some time to explore the places, here is a list of top 10 places to visit in Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra. They’re worth spending all your time and effort, though they are the most common places to visit and not to miss, the most famous as well.

Gateway of India


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The Gateway of India is one of the most well-known and renowned place in Mumbai and it’s top on the list of places to visit. This famous gateway was in full swing in 1915 and finished in the year 1924. It was initially designed to welcome King George V, however, now it has turned out to be the most common arrival place of the governors and officials. Being one of the most attractive spot of visit and a best travel destination in India, this place looks amazing both during dawn and dusk when the whole place is lit with bright light. Check out the Taj hotel which is just a walk away from this place. It is amazing and a onetime experience that you must not afford to miss.

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Elephanta Caves


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Catch a ferry from the Gateway to reach the Elephanta Island and explore the caves there. Carved out of the basalt rocks, these caves are mysterious and are full of information of the past, that’s inscribed on these walls in the form of symbols, carvings, designs and statues. After its revamp in 1970s, it has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Place and is holiday at by masses each year. The antiquity and philosophy of the caves can’t be related as individual cave comprises quite a lot of stories and illustrations of happenings. Five Hindu caves of large size and smaller Buddhist caves, being two in number form the caves there.

Flora Fountain


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The water feature, entitled on the basis of the Roman Goddess Flora was constructed in 1864 and positions at the center of an awesome park. Be here to this place through MTDC via an open-air bus tour, as that is a sensible way to get a bird’s eye view of the flora fountain. Find other eye catching heritage edifices like the Central Telegraph Office, Bombay High Court and so forth.Check the same place in the evening as the fountain is spectacularly decorated with lights.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

place-to-visit-in-mumbai-Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Photo Credit – Francisco Martins via Flickr

Another heritage that is recognized by UNESCO is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which is a must-visit place in Mumbai. Originally named after the then governing queen Victoria Terminus, this building looks purely stunning. The building consists of magnificently built turrets, woodcarvings, iron and brass ornaments, and pointed arches, that is a blend of the architectural forms of traditional India and the time of Victoria. The designs and decor of the place is breath taking! It will leave your mouth wide open with awe. This place though a very active station, is beyond a mere location to board a train, although it covers quiet a lot of lines. Irrespective of all this, this place is rightly noted to be an outstanding place to see.

Marine Drive


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A beautiful necklace on the neck of Mumbai standing unique for its beauty is the Marine Drive. In the shape of alphabet “C”, this highway connects the coast and is a beautiful spot of visit at dusk. It is rightly called the Queen’s Necklace as it shines bright like a necklace from directly above at nighttime. You will find most of the highly wealthy people reside here and their houses are indeed stunning to look at. The high way associates with the Nariman Point, which is acommercial area. Many extravagant hotels can be spotted here along with a lovely sight of the ocean.

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You also get to relish a great variety of food stuffs, visit amazingly well maintained cafeterias, clubs and pubs on Marine Drive. Explore all alike to know which one suits you the best and to spot the ones that are worth your time and visit. Yearning for mouthwatering shakes and ice-cream, then just walk up to Bachelor’s, a small beach at chowpatty and it will certainly serve you well. Sukh Sagar is a right spot for fast food, if you have rats running in your tummy. Get here if you want to order for something really quick, without having to wait for long. Find numerous joints on the road side to enjoy the Kulfis, if you love having them as well. Want to taste mouthwatering sea food? Simply visit Mahesh Lunch home to relish the unsurpassed sea-food in city if that’s where your desire for food takes you. In twilight, the Blue Fox is branded as the finest night club in the expanse.

Worli Sea Link


Photo Credit – Himanshu Patel via Flickr

The cable-stay channel unites Bandra in the western commuter belt of Mumbai with the South Mumbai at Worli. This remarkable arrangement is not only a wonderful way to get across the station, but makes a lovely ride as well. The arrangement is incredible, and worth mentioning is the sight of the ocean. The construction itself, with its multifaceted arrangement of solid surface and cable-stayed extends is astounding to see, as it was made not only to work, but to appear magnificent as well. It’s worth driving over, all through the day and in the sundown as it’s brightened with lights.

Haji Ali Dargah


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This Mosque is situated on an islet quiet closer to the heart of this place and is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Mumbai. Constructed in the year 1431, the Dargah has been go through quiet a lot of makeovers and revamps, but this place can be visited during short tide times. The road is roofed during great tide, and while this is done, you will not be able to cross. The construction of this Dargah is comparatively small, but does not leave itself behind in exhibiting the architecture of its culture. Try and get here on Friday’s particularly, as you may be lucky enough to get to hear and see musicians playing diverse forms of religious and devotional compositions.

Juhu Beach


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One of the greatest well-to-do regions of Mumbai, the wealthy and eminent live close to this beach. Nevertheless, it welcomes the civic and offers its sightseer a dazzling vision of the sea. It’s a worthy place to get decent food, specifically if are ready to relish Italian foodstuff. Juhu Beach holds more than a few branches of Café Mocha where you can get the famous and the most delightful chocolates and desert. Watch the landing of a plane and it taking off again from the beach. It serves as a notable viewpoint for the same. Usually this place is not over crowded; however, if you would love to spend some time in private with your dear ones or alone, you may try visiting this place during the day time and during weekdays as weekends and late afternoon can be busy.

Bandra Talao


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Bandra Talao, also known as Bandra Lake is a well renowned lake situated in Bandrain Mumbai. Having been constructed 200 years back, this lake is a known for its rich heritage.Catch up with boating with your family members and dear ones. Check out other area of attractions lined up with it like the musical fountains, light shows and small but attractive aquarium. It’s one of the most ideal spots to visit with your dear ones, just to relax and just to make up some fun with them. You will get to see avariation of natural world, wildlife and birds in this area, making it all the more adventurous for old and young alike.

Crawford Market


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An exceptionally prominent arcade in South Mumbai, this bazaar not only claims to be a great place for shopping, but the structure itself is worth a stopover, even if you don’t wish to shop anything. The construction of this structure was completed in the year 1869, and was the first market in India to use electricity. The structural design is another phenomenon of merging Indian style with the British. It consists of a huge skylight that permits the indoors of the marketplace to be lit up by brightness during the daytime. And you can shop for just anything here, comprising of pets, just like any other major bazaar.


  1. Hey, nice blog. You listed all the famous places in Mumbai. As I am a travel lover and living in Mumbai, I visited all of these places and want to tell you some more places in Mumbai which are worth of visit and its a Red Carpet Museum in Gatkopar West which has wax statues of many celebrities and gives you a feeling of meeting real celebrities. Do visit once.


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