How to Stay Safe on Your Trip to India

A visit to India can be carefully arranged in such a way to suit tourist’s budget, ranging from staying in extravagant hotels to backpacking around India for a memorable trip. India is a country of many religious, social and cultural differences, offering some of the most wonderful and at times outrageous experiences you are unlikely to come across anywhere else in the world. Extravagance borders with poverty, fragrances of incredible incense scents are mixed with the disgusting odor of street wastes, so in order to stay safe in India this year, take note of some of these tips!
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Purchasing food from street hawkers will put you at risk of severe food poisoning or an stomach upset. To avoid this, eat at your hotel restaurant or at trustworthy establishments suggested by your travel agent. Clean all fruits or vegetables with disinfected or bottled water, and peel them before eating in order to reduce the risks of contamination for both you and your family. Only buy water in sealed water bottles because, as there have been many cases where street sellers recycle old water bottles, replenishing them with ordinary tap water.
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Before departing for your trip to India, confirm with your physician any vaccinations they may need you to get before leaving for India. Carry with you some basic drugs, as you might find it hard, if not impossible, to pick up even simple over the counter medication in India. Furthermore, make sure you bring some bandages with you, as well as antiseptics and antihistamines, along with a good quality germ repellent.
Pack some comfortable and conventional outfits for your India trip too, and if possible they should be made with natural cotton or linen fibers. This is because such clothing will be able to withstand stand the heat and dust in India.


Just like every country, there are certain areas in India that are unreliable, offering dirty hotels and conman receptionists. Before flying out, make sure you check up on the good hotels to stay in the local area, and never stay in an establishment that you’re not familiar with.


Be cautious about hiring any private tour guide who approaches you on the streets, offering their services. This is because there is a high chance that they are simply tricksters, who will probably try to trip you off or worse.Try as much as possible to avoid taxis on the streets, and instead hire specific cars that are suggested to you by your travel agent or the hotel you are staying at.
Additionally, do not keep all of your cash in one place, as this is sure to end in disaster. Only bring out as much as you need, and leave the rest in your hotel’s safe. Alternatively, prepaid travel credit cards are another popular option for tourists.
Also be sure when travelling to India you compare the prices of flight tickets by going here. This travel website will help you find the cheapest tickets available for your journey.
India is a lovely country, which offers a once in a lifetime experiences to every tourist, and once you comprehend the limits and difficulties of this nation, you will surely be able to enjoy your visit to the country much better.


  1. It would be good to add something about the safety issues facing tourists in India. Maybe a “what not to do list”. Too many disappearances, rapes and killings takes place. Also it would be useful to explain how to do deal with the situation when a bribes should be paid and how to deal with the police and the authorities.


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