10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip

In the busy world of today, where it would charge for every minute wasted, you would think flying would always be the best option. However, we cannot deny that every now and then we all wish to hit the roads when visiting a place, especially with our families or friends. One just has to make up their minds. After all when going on a lovely vacation, what fun can come out of flying there in an hour or two, missing out on all the beautiful views and little troubles on road. Driving on roads, alone, with music and wonderful scenic views all around too can be fun. You might be too excited about a road trip and have millions of road trip ideas in your head but it takes a lot more to make a successful road trip. How to plan a road trip, you ask? You don’t need a road trip planner for that. Here are 10 tips for planning a road trip which might help you make your preparations for the trip:

Tips for Planning a Road Trip

top 10 road trip planning tips

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What’s your ‘Road Trip Way’ 

When it comes to make a tour plan or itinerary, it can get pretty ugly at times. Some people would want to stop to take pictures at every site they find even a speck of scenic beauty, while some others would love to check out every shopping outlet and market on the way. A few others would just want to cover the road in minimum time, enjoying the drive and having a smooth peaceful journey. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you discuss and plan at least some aspects of the journey beforehand and make the itinerary accordingly keeping in mind about everyone’s desires.

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Prepare a tour plan

Once done with choosing the places you plan to visit, decide the time and days you would like to spend at each of them. It is advisable not to plan a very hectic schedule, as it would take all the fun out of it if you have to drive 12 hours a day. Use a map and mark the locations, driving routes and time you intend to spend at each. Do not forget to carry the driving route planner along with you.

Accommodations and attractions

Make reservations in advance in the hotels you would like to stay during the tour. Make a list of all the attractions in and around the places you would be visiting as well as on your way that you would be interested to go to. Keep the list short and save some time for unexpected places you might find worth a visit.

Knowledge of the places

Research and keep knowledge of the territory you are visiting and the dangers of the territory. If need be precautions must be taken accordingly.

Packing tips

Pack light. It is always found helpful. Take light weight clothes and tops and bottoms in basic colors so that they can be mixed and matched, cutting down the cloth requirement.

A mix tape

A boring drive is worse than flying. There is always some parts where you would find not a single location worth stopping or any beautiful sight which would be a feast to the eyes. To cover those areas a wonderful playlist of your favorite songs would be most appropriate.

Carry camping stuffs

There might be times, when due to mismatch of schedule or lack of proper accommodation facilities in a place, you may have to camp for the night. It feels safe to carry your tents and sleeping bags in case such a thing arises.

Get your car serviced

When on a road trip, the most hateful thing to happen is when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have a service station for your car in miles and it takes the whole day until you can finally resume your journey. Hence, the most important part of your tour plan is to get your car serviced.

Road trip essentials

Don’t forget to make a ‘road trip checklist’ of all the items you need to carry with you during the road trip. It must include flashlight, batteries, first-aid kit, sun-block cream, sunglasses and hat, a cooler for drinks and foods, towel, tissue papers and lots of water.

Car needs cleaning!

Clean the car before and during the road trip as a journey where you have to sit on seats full of wrappers and tissues would be really unhygienic and depressing.

Make sure you do each and every thing and followed these 10 tips for planning a road trip given in the list before your next road trip. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags and set out on a road trip of entire lifetime!


  1. I think road trips are great! You get to come closer to the people you are travelling with! Its a real experience. Great tips provided in this article, thanks 🙂

  2. This really make sense! I am actually planning to have a long road trip with my family and I want to be prepared to be safe and make the most of it. There are things that we should consider before planning or doing it to avoid any accidents or any uncertain events to happen.


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