Top 5 Adventurous Activities to Enjoy in Ladakh

Surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges, Ladakh is a charming holiday destination and a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. An abode of numerous adventure sports and fun activities, the place seems straight out of a fairytale. With gushing rivers, serene lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, and lots of exciting activities, Ladakh is certainly going to satisfy every adventure freak coming here. Travelers coming to enjoy several adventurous activities in Ladakh including trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting and more. Some popular traditional sports like polo and archery and camel safaris can be also enjoyed during your trip to Ladakh.


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Here, few popular adventurous activities to enjoy in Ladakh are mentioned that you can enjoy on your trip.


The rugged hills of Ladakh offer many options for trekkers, whether they are beginners or experienced climbers. Trekking starts here from the month of June and continues up to October prior to the beginning of snowfalls. Experienced guide along with camping gear is required for going on a trek. The main trekking regions in Ladakh are from Spituk to Marka Valley and Hemis Gompa through Kongmaru La. The expedition along the Zanskar River between Lamayuru Gompa and Chilling through Konze La and Dung Dung La is also an eminent trekking route in Ladakh. Another trek that can be enjoyed in one day is from Likir to Temisgam. Apart from these, there are many trekking routes in Ladakh.

White Water Rafting

The hasty flow of the rivers of Indus and Zanskar brings great fun for adventurers. They have excellent opportunities to enjoy white-water rafting in Ladakh. Both rivers are excellent venues for providing rafting expeditions to the rafting enthusiasts. White river rafting is organized between July and September and generally covers the stretches of the Indus River between Hemis to Choglamsar and Nimmu to Phey.


Being home to several mountain peaks, Ladakh offers great challenging opportunities to mountaineers. Some of the major peaks for enjoying mountaineering are Stok Kangri Peak at 6121 meters in Zanskar, Kangyaze Peak at 6400 meters to the south-east of Leh and Nunkun Massif. These mountain peaks can be reached via Leh-Kargil road and are popular among serious mountain climbers. All climbers have to take permission from the Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi, ahead of going to climb on any of the peaks in Ladakh.

Camel Safaris

The cold desert of Ladakh is known for offering Camel Safaris to its visitors. It is the only place in India where one can enjoy camel safari tours on a camel having 2 humps, unlike others. Camel safaris are enjoyed here on Bactrian camels across the sand dunes around Hunter trek in Ladakh.

Polo & Archery

Polo and archery are the popular and traditional sports of Ladakh. Polo is generally played on Tuesday and Saturday in summer on Leh polo ground. A polo match in Ladakh is comprising of 20-minute halves and played in a thrilling environment amidst joyful crowd cheering for both teams. Archery contests are organized regularly at the National Archery stadium in Leh. Watching this contest is a fun and interesting experience for people.

There are several other activities that one can enjoy on his trip to Ladakh. Know more about them during your visit.



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