Top 5 Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is not one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and it still has got a lot of global recognition to come its way. However, it offers its share of activities, both fun as well as adventurous to all tourists visiting this country. Whether you are visiting this country for leisure or for business, you can always find out time to plan a North Vietnam Travel. With the liberty to plan your itinerary in Vietnam, you will be able to explore the never- ending beauty as well as personified culture of this heritage- rich country.


Vietnam is particularly popular for its natural beauty and tourists enjoy both the hustle- bustle of the cities as well as the calmness of the green rice fields here alike. If you are also planning to go on a North East Vietnam Travel, pack your bags now for experiencing the best of this country!

Top 5 Places to Visit in Vietnam Travel

Ha Long Bay

This popular tourist attraction is located towards the north of Vietnam at a distance of 120 km along the coast. Ha Long Bay translates to “Bay of Descending Dragons” in the Vietnamese local dialect and it features a set of beautiful mountains and islands which are topped with thick green vegetation, offering all tourists with a picturesque holiday destination. Majority of the islands here are hollow and there are enormous caves and limestone pillar here which are worth exploring while planning on a North East Vietnam Travel here.  The islands also consist of lakes, which makes fishing a major occupation here.

Hoan Kiem Lake

The Hoan Kiem Lake is located in Hanoi’s historical centre and it accounts as one among the top tourist attractions in Hanoi. It is a favourite leisure spot for both locals and global tourists alike and Hoan Kiem translates to “Returned Sword” in local Vietnamese dialect. When in Hanoi, you can plan a day trip to the Hoan Kiem Lake here and spend some time along the quiet waters here.

Hoi An

Hoi An was originally a fishing village which was later turned into a tourist attraction and its location is along the South China Sea coast in Vietnam. The fishing activities of this village was long back shifted to Da Nang and the current heart of this destination is the Old Town, which is completely filled with Chinese- styled shops as well as winding lanes. Hoi An is also sometimes called as the “Venice of Vietnam” given to its narrow canals that make their way through the town.

Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa is a popular town located towards the north of Vietnam and the rice terraces here make it a popular tourist attraction. Rice terraces are located between the Sa Pa Valley as well as the Fansipan Mountain in the Muong Hoa Valley. The thick bamboo woodlands in the backdrop of these rice terraces add a dramatic feel to this tourist location.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the largest Vietnamese island located in the Cambodia Coast. Pristine tropical rainforests, less- traversed beaches and coral reefs make it the Phuket ofVietnam and it is one among the most clean and beautiful beaches in the world.


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