Is It Safe To Trek Manaslu After Earthquake

Many people argue about the possibility of Manaslu Trek after earthquake. If you look at some travel forums, it is described as difficult grade trek and you need camping. Recently Manaslu had proved that it is a great teahouse trek in Nepal. Past few years thousands of trekkers trek manaslu depending on teahouses along the trail.


Now what is the future of Manaslu Trek after earthquake?

Before summarizing the aftermath of the earthquake in Arughat, Gorkha here is an update about Manaslu Trek. There was a group of four trekkers attempting Manaslu circuit after earthquake.On basis of their experience here is a summary of Manaslu after earthquake.

Is it safe to trek manaslu after earthquake?

Yes, big yes for the safety condition of trail after earthquake. Teahouses are perfect and so is the trail. Suspension bridges along the trail are ok. However,there are ruins of landslide in certain portions of the trail.

For example trail in between MacchaKhola and Jagat was diverted before. The Itinerary was extended by one day people need to go through village of Uhiya. Now, old trail is functioning with the ruin of landslide and rough trail. Takes around eight to nine hours.

What are the conditions of teahouses?

They are perfect! Earthquake plate slip energy head toward east than north. So except few teahouses at the starting point of trek like Arkhet, SotiKhola and MacchaKhola rest of the places are fine. Major teahouses in each overnight stop are already repaired and functioning properly.

What about the availability of foods?

Dal Bhat. The main Nepal Cuisine is available in entire places. Apart from that general other western cuisines like dumplings, noodles, pasta and pizza are available. However, after earthquake, many cooks and kitchen staffs are in leave. They will cook it in Nepali style. Better go for Nepali dish, on which local people are expert.

For the breakfast general menu items are available, you don’t need to go for Dal Bhat.

What about electricity and other facilities after earthquake?

There was a problem in electricity in between 2nd of October to 15th of October. Internet was not working. People are working on rebuilding the trail so Internet and other facilities are only secondary needs. You can still have hot shower, international call and other basic facilities.

Is it recommended now?

Yes, Manaslu trek is still recommended after recent April’s earthquake.However your adventure will begins out of your comfort zone. You need to adjust with the available food and accommodation available along the trail. Camping is still not needed. Once you start descending down from Bimthang everything is beyond perfect.

What about side trip to Tsum Valley?

It is still doable but little risky in compare to Manaslu. Some people were complaining about abandoning Tsum Valley Trek after earthquake in the middle. So collect some information before you decide to go Tsum Valley.

Also, Polish Expedition Team had successfully scaled Manaslu after earthquake. They had used helicopter for the transport in between Kathmandu and SamaGau before the expedition. At the end they trek back to Kathmandu. This is good enough to support ManasluTrek after earthquake. It is safe, go for it.



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