Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit India

India is one of the most extraordinary locations in the world. Some parts of this world leave a lasting impression into the hearts of people who visit them and India is definitely one of those places. The richness of this land, exotic architecture and lush beauty combine with the intensity of colors, sounds and taste provide an incredible experience to tourists.
If you are on the fence about coming to India, these reasons to visit India would surely give you a nudge in the right direction.

1Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in the world. You may have heard stories about Taj Mahal and how Emperor Shah Jahan built it in memory of his wife favorite wife. You may have seen this amazing structure in pictures. However, the feeling of seeing this monument in person is completely different.

2The Himalayas

If you love adventure and hiking, the Himalayas in India are the perfect place for you. Peaks of these mountains stay crested with snow while Bengal tigers roam the forests. View of spectacular sunsets and sunrises make the trip to the Himalayas worthwhile.
Hike the trails, snap pictures or put your climbing skills to the test at the Himalayas. Enjoy delicious food by the fireside and gaze at the clear sky from the top of the mountain peak.


Food is another reason to visit India. Indians are very serious about their foods and you’ll find great diversity in Indian food. If you wish to try moderately spicy cream curries, head to the North. Tandoori Chicken, Khata Meat, Galouti Kebab, and Rogan Josh are a few dishes that you must try in India. If you are looking for spicier cuisines, then Southern Indian dishes would be perfect. Many people in India are vegetarian; so if you are not into meat, you can find some delicious green dishes as well.


India is architecturally diverse and filled with mosques, palaces, forts, temples, ancient ruins, and monuments. You’ll be amazed to see the brilliant structures in the country that are centuries old. They make us wonder about the architectural skills of people of the ancient time who created such rigid structures.

5Kerela’s Backwater

The chains of winding canals, rivers and lakes known as Kerela’s backwaters can be explored on an old rice barge. The name may look unappealing, but you’ll love to cruise through the picturesque and peaceful Kerela’s backwaters. Traditionally, local people used the backwaters for fishing, agriculture, and transport.


India is rightly called the land of the festival. There is a festival taking place almost every day. In India, there is a festival for kites, elephants, camels, cows, unmarried women, etc. Holi is our personal favorite as it allows one to experience the magic of colors. Diwali is another great Indian festival and on the night of the occasion, you’ll see the sky light up with blazing fireworks.

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