Kharchi Puja, The famous festival of Tripura

Festivals succeed one after after another in the different provinces of India. Tripura, a small hilly state of India does not lag behind other states in having had festivals. Like West Bengal it has thirteen festivals in twelve months. Its festivals are closely related to nature and have great socio-cultural significance. The purport is to appease the forces of nature on whose mercy Tripura’s prosperity is thought to depend. The festivals of Tripura mainly centre round Hindu gods and goddesses.

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The festivals of Tripura fall into two categories – those it has in common with other Indian states and those that are its peculiarly own. Among the first category of illumination, “Gangapuja” – the worship the goddess ‘Ganga’ and “Mamita (Popularly known as Navanna)” – the festival of taking new rice. The festivals that are particular for Tripura are Kharchi Puja – the famous festival of Tripura, Ker Puja, Garia Puja, Ganga Puja, Nadia etc.

Kharchi Puja

Kharchi Puja, is one of the greatest festival of Tripura and tripuris. It is a religious festival in which fourteen gods and goddesses are worshipped. The fourteen gods and goddesses are Hara, Uma, Hari, Bani, Kumar, Ganpa, bidhi, Ma, Himadri, Abdhi, Shili, Kom, Budachha and Laksmi. Kharchi Puja starts on the full moon day of the months of July and continues for seven days. The worship is performed by the priest called chautai. Goats, Pigeons, Buffaloes are sacrificed in this Kharchi Puja. On the occasion of this festival there sits a fair at the place of worship. The complementary festival to Kharchi Puja is Kher Puja. It is observed on the new moon day fifteen days after the Kharchi Puja. It is performed by a priest called Chandai.

Kharchi Puja might be called the national festival of Tripura. The people of various tribes and communities and also the Bengalese and Adivasis (Indigenous peoples of India) participate on this famous Kharchi Puja festival. They hug together and wish one another joy, success and happiness. Kharchi Puja removes and barriers the separate the tribes and communities from one another and paves the way for the unity among the people of Tripura.

Time of Kharchi Puja : Celebrated in July – August every year.

Duration of Kharchi Puja : Continues for seven days.

Location of Kharchi Puja : Old Agartala, 6 km away from the Capital city Agartala.

Here also we listed, others festivals of Tripura

Ker Festival

Ker Festival is one of the festival of tribal, which is celebrated in July in every year after Kharchi Puja. The means of Ker is a specific area or boundary in Tripura. Duration of this festival is only one day.

Garia Puja

Another most famous festival of the ethnic tribal in Tripura. Lord Garia is the divinity of wealth and livestock, and worshiped with garland and flowers. The important feature of this festival is the Sacrifice of cocks. This puja is celebrated in the seventh day of Bengali months Baishakh (March- April).

Ganga Puja

This also another festival of Tribal which is celebrated in the months if March- April. They build a temple in middle of river with bamboos, Most of Tribal villages come to celebrated this Puja. Goats and buffaloes are sacrificed in this festival.



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