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Diwlai - Festival of Lights

Diwali – Guide to the Festival of Lights

There is a felicitous atmosphere in the air in the month of September to November. Festive season starts from then. Devipaksha launches into in...

Durga Puja the famous festival of Hindus

In West Bengal, people worship Goddess Durga and celebrate this day as Durga Puja. It is the famous festival of Hindus also known as...

Guide to Colorful Holi festival in India

HOLI FESTIVAL IN INDIA Image Source : Wikimedia Commons What is Holi festival Holi festival in India, is very ancient, ritual as well as colorful and very favorite...

National Festivals of India | 15th August | National Holiday Day

A great national festival is the celebration of the Independence Day on the 15th August every year. It is on this day in 1947...

Kharchi Puja, The famous festival of Tripura

Festivals succeed one after after another in the different provinces of India. Tripura, a small hilly state of India does not lag behind other...

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