5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take a Trip Without Travel Insurance

This year, millions Australians will travel across the world. Destinations such as India, New Zealand, Great Britain and America will be among the most popular. Of those several million, a worrying amount will leave home without any form of travel insurance to cover them while they’re on their trip.


While it’s tempting to cut back on what you spend, especially if you won’t be away for too long, not having travel insurance can have disastrous consequences.

1. You risk hefty medical expenses

Trips abroad are meant to be fun. They’re meant to be for relaxation or to secure that big business deal. But sometimes, accidents or illnesses can occur. If one strikes while abroad, you could face medical bills up to tens of thousands of dollars.

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Even simple injuries such as broken bones can mean thousands in medical expenses. As a foreign citizen, you have no right to free healthcare abroad, so will be billed for any treatment you may need.

2. Your belongings aren’t covered

Losing things is almost commonplace. However, losing certain items can turn your vacation from a great time into a terrible one. Losing your electrical items or your passport will put a dampener on your whole time away from home.

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Thankfully, travel insurance covers your losses. Make sure your policy includes cash, as this is one of the most frequently lost items.

3. You risk paying cancellation fees

When booking a vacation, nobody considers having to change their plans. They get caught up in the moment and think about more pressing issues. That’s not a bad thing, but it can have financial consequences if you end up having to cancel your plans.

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You could end up paying hundreds just to get your money back. With travel insurance, you’re covered should you ever need to vary your plans.

4. If you cause an accident, you won’t be covered

Being in a strange place increases your risk of being in an accident. You may be driving in a new place and crash, or may injure somebody while abroad. If this is the case, you risk the possibility of paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

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By having a worthwhile travel insurance policy, you’re protected against such events. Your provider will cover your costs should a claim be made against you.

5. You won’t be compensated for delayed flights

Delayed flights are the burden of every traveller’s vacation. Sometimes, however, these delayed flights can become more than just a bit troublesome, they can become holiday ruining. If you miss your flight because you’re stuck in traffic or your flight is delayed, your whole itinerary could suffer.

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Travel insurance will pay to help make up for those delays. Also, if you find that you need a new flight, you’ll be compensated for the cost of the journey.


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