Wonderful weekend at Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach

I myself and all my family members were thinking how to celebrate this special weekend. Yes it is really a special week as this weekend of my anniversary. Someone said sea side but not Digha. Not Digha but sea side then what about Mandarmani beach !!!

A native village of coastal fishers known as Dadanpatrabar. Under the Ramnagar block of district Medinapore was a place of livelihood for the coastal fishers, who were engaged in doing prawn culture in series of sea water inleted firms. City people from Kolkata started visiting the place for enjoying its scenic beauty. A group of literate people enjoyed the serenity of the place and re-named the place as Mandarmani means the unification of sea and unending sky.

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How to reach at Mandarmani

Mandarmani is not too far from Kolkata. It lies in East Midnapore district of West Bengal. People can go both by train and by road .The railway station is Contai but the best way to go Mandarmani beach is by road. In the morning we started by car from Howrah. From Howrah to Dankuini then we reached at Kona expressway. From Kona expressway we drove on the National Highway till we reached Kolaghat. Before reaching Kolaghat we took half an hour break for our breakfast. After crossing the Kolaghat bridge we took the road towards Digha. To go Mandarmani we have to go up to Chawalkhola. We took left turn from Chawalkhola and from there we took a kaccha road till the village named Dadanpatrabar. So far I can remember from Dadanpatrabar we took right turn to reach Mandarmani beach. From Dadanpatrabar to Mandarmani the road is too narrow, just a village soil road. The road is so narrow that crossing of two cars simultaneously is more or less impossible. Our car got stuck on the damped mud in a turning point. It was very difficult to push the stuck car. Somehow we managed it.

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Mandarmani Beach

We reached resorts at 2.0 p.m., which were booked from Kolkata. After taking our lunch at resort we went to sea beach .We took bath almost one hour in the salty water of the sea and enjoyed it. In Mandarmani beach, we saw so many red crabs over a large area near Mohana. The most surprising matters happened in the next morning when again we went to the beach. About 8.0 a.m. the sea was far from the shore. All on a sudden sea started to roar and tidewater started inundating the beach. With a countable moment, the entire beach covered with the seawater looking like a tidal sea with a considerable height of water. People resting on the beach started to run away from that side to other portion of the beach.

Mandarmani-beach, Rose-Valley-Resort-at-Mandarmoni
Rose Valley Resort at Mandarmoni

Mandarmani beach is probably the longest drivable beach in India. I saw few people were driving car on the beach. But I think it should not do because on the places where sands are softs car may get stuck in the sandbanks and if it happens in the evening or dark no one will be available for helping to pull out the car. Anyone can enjoy beach by walking, swimming or just seating idle.

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Things to do in Mandarmani Beach

On the beach people gets different items for their enjoyment. They may enjoy with parachute riding, ATV Bike riding, Banana Boat riding and so on.

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What to Eat and Drink

We took our lunch from the resort where we stayed . It was not bad but costly. I think vegetable or raw materials are not easily available in the nearby village or market. At night we prepared dinner, not traditional, boiled potato, phuchka, boiled egg, bread, butter,banana. How do you think? – all these are not palatable. On the beach local farmer sell coconut water. But it is not cheap, may be they want to take extra money from tourists.

Shopping at Mandarmoni

There are several items of shells, but those who are going from Kolkata will not find anything new for buying from seashore. Only for token purpose one can buy some shell made item.

We stayed one night at Mandarmani, Next day morning we started for Digha Sea Beach which was not too far. We took lunch at Digha and started for sweet home. The journey is not lengthy but very enjoyable. I never forget the enjoyment, which we had at resort. I think this type of short trip is best way to enjoy weekend as the enjoyment is the spice of life without which life become bore, monotones, Fatigue. Now my advice is when you get time and has pocket permits, Plan a trip and go for short trip.



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